Passing into lore

While the Chargers were the busiest team at the trade deadline, there is still football on the agenda. LaDainian Tomlinson was the seventh player in NFL history to pull off the "triple crown" of scoring -- via the pass, run and reception in a single game.

The Chargers reached .500 for the year but the only person talking about that feat was Marty Schottenheimer - everyone else was still marveling about "The Pass".

The Chargers were still having fun with LaDainian Tomlinson throwing his second touchdown pass of the season when the Chargers punched out the Raiders, 27-14.

While Tomlinson scored from the ground and by receiving a Drew Brees pass, it was his scoring toss to Justin Peelle which still had everyone chatting.

But while Tomlinson kids Brees about his better quarterback rating, he said it might be time to put the gadget away for the year.

"If you start to do it too much, they start to catch on," said Tomlinson, who has completed 4-of-5 passes for three touchdowns in his career. "Maybe next year we will do another one here."

Tomlinson is just trying to be coy. The Chargers will probably use it again, and if not, the seed is planted that defense must go ahead and prepare for it.

Coach Marty Schottenheimer said what makes the play so tempting is that if Tomlinson's receiver is covered, it not the end of the world. "The beauty of the thing is if the guy isn't open, then 'LT' can run it," Schottenheimer said of his versatile back, who threw a touchdown pass to Keenan McCardell earlier this year. "And those are pretty good odds, as well."

What are the odds of the Chargers winning two of three games against teams coming off their bye weeks? Hard to say, but they'll get the chance to do just that on Sunday when traveling to Philadelphia to face a well-rested Eagles team.

The Chargers have split the previous two games against squads just off their byes, losing a heartbreaker to the Pittsburgh Steelers and dominating the Raiders on Sunday.

Lightning Quicks:

Veteran DB Jerry Wilson saw his first significant action of the year Sunday, after getting beat out by Bhawoh Jue for the starting free safety spot. "Even old man Jerry Wilson was out there," crowed DB Quentin Jammer. Wilson led an injury-depleted secondary with five tackles.

The Chargers have won four straight over the Raiders, which undoubtedly brings a smile to coach Marty Schottenheimer's face. "He hates the Raiders," SS Terrence Kiel said.

Raiders special teams standout Jerrod Cooper put a lick on San Diego punt returner Eric Parker Sunday, which knocked Parker out of the game. Cooper said the hit may have looked good and may have gotten a few cheers during film study, but that otherwise it was forgotten.

"I don't even remember because we lost," he said. "No one even cares if you lose."

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