Whispers at Chargers camp

The San Diego Chargers traded away two players on Tuesday and got one in return. That means there is a roster spot open and they have scheduled a visit to fill the slot.

  • Free agent offensive guard Ross Tucker will make a visit to San Diego and will workout for the team.

    Tucker, 6-foot-4, 316-pounds, entered the league in 2001 as an undrafted free agent out of Princeton, playing in three games for the Washington Redskins.

    His head coach during that time - Marty Schottenheimer.

    Tucker moved on to Dallas and spent two seasons with Buffalo before being released by the team in early September. Ross has started 21 games and has appeared in 42 over the last five years.

    In college, Tucker was used strictly at tackle and slid inside to guard when he went to camp with the Skins. The team also brought in offensive tackle Ben Johnson, most recently with Carolina, spending a month with the club before getting waived.

  • Linebacker Steve Foley has no intention of sitting out until the bye week.

    There has been speculation by many, media and players included, that he might take a breather. This will not happen. He is the definition of a gamer and will go despite obvious pain.

    "I respect the guy a lot," fellow linebacker Randal Godfrey said. "I pray he can keep playing. That abdominal stuff is something serious."

    Not serious enough to keep him out of the lineup.

  • The team is exploring ways to get Vincent Jackson involved with some select plays in the offense. They are pleased with his progress and thought he performed well on special teams this past weekend.

    They called the first few weeks of health his training camp and now feel comfortable in using him more frequently – although not to the extent that Shawne Merriman has continued to be used.

    The idea is to create a few plays for him specifically to get him involved and to start seeing a return on the investment.

    Don't be surprised to see those chances come in the red zone.

  • Shane Olivea was not happy that he had to sit out last week's game but knew it was the best thing he could do to remain healthy through the year.

    He considers himself an iron man and was the only offensive lineman with the team to play every snap during the 2004 NFL season.

    "I was proud of that accomplishment," he said.

    Unfortunately, there is no chance of a recurrence this season. He does hope to play against Philadelphia but won't know his status till later this week.

  • Lightning Quicks:

    It is all about interpretation. When we broke the news of the Fonoti trade the word we received was a conditional sixth round that would be a seventh if he did not meet certain items related to games played. The truth is we should have written conditional seventh that would become a sixth if he met certain items related to games played. They both say the same thing but the second one is indeed the correct phraseology.

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