The inside scoop

The acquisition of A.J. Feeley means the Chargers will choose their quarterback of the future next year, right? The trade is it – no way they are keeping everyone again, right?

Perhaps that is accurate. And a league source tells us that it is the first step towards a possible decision. But that decision, Drew Brees or Philip Rivers, is far from being made.

The team still has ten games to go and is even at 3-3. Drew Brees has played Marty Schottenheimer style of ball, limiting turnovers. But a failed bid to the playoffs could mean his dismissal.

That, however, does not take into account the growing stable of veterans who are eager to follow Brees to their ultimate demise, if necessary.

Enough of that for now. . .

A.J. Feeley is a Charger and he has some secrets to tell.

"I wouldn't be above trying to get information from him like we did from Clinton," head coach Marty Schottenheimer said of his possible knowledge of the Eagles.

And they have asked.

"Today was my first day and they were asking me a couple questions," said Feeley.

Their newest acquisition is a former Eagle. He may have had a tour down in Miami but the offense is largely the same from when he was backing up Donovan McNabb.

"I have seen the guy play through a lot of injuries," said Feeley. "He is a tough guy."

Let's hope it was more than that.

As for why the Chargers acquired Feeley, Schottenheimer offered up this nugget:

"I think at the outset it was a decision driven by looking at experience in the role, the fact that he had been a starter."

Make your own deductions from that lone statement.

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