Being compared to Tomlinson

The comparisons are inevitable. LaDainian Tomlinson looked like Barry Sanders this week. He has a touch of "Sweetness" in him and now Lenny Moore – all Hall of Famers. After Sunday's game, he could be alone – passing a record that stood for 40 years. It will come full circle for the Chargers back.

With a touchdown this week, LaDainian Tomlinson will surpass Lenny Moore for the all-time NFL record for touchdowns in consecutive weeks.

He is currently tied atop the leaderboard at 18 with the Hall of Famer.

In a day and age when players are frequently the subject of comparisons, LaDainian Tomlinson stands alone. He is not a man of attention and admits, "A victory is always better than any record."

As he stands on the threshold of yet another mark in the record books, Tomlinson remains steadfast in his goals.

He is about winning first and truthfully when that happens the rest will fall in place around him, such as the record he can set on Sunday.

The Chargers went 12-4 a year ago, despite Tomlinson hobbles a groin injury. Yet, in the last 12 games, with his body resisting him at every tote of the rock, he managed to cross the goalline.

"I was hampered most of the season," Tomlinson admitted. "Sometimes I wasn't even fifty percent."

Half a Tomlinson is clearly more than most and it has brought his status as the league's elite to a new level.

Between the twenties, he is the quintessential back but his demeanor changes slightly when he gets into the red zone. It is the eye of determination and a will that dictates whether the ball crosses into the end zone.

"When you get down by the goalline you have to have a different mindset of not letting anyone stop you," said Tomlinson.

And it is clear the Jedi mind is working wonders. Tied for the NFL lead in touchdowns, not including his two passes that resulted in scores, Tomlinson is redefining what teams look for in a running back.

While he has been compared to many, how soon will it be before players are comparing themselves to the great Charger back?

Shy he may be in certain instances but being the best is one thing he cherishes deeply.

"It will be the ultimate respect," Tomlinson said of people comparing their game to his. "As you grow up you look up to different guys. I looked up to Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders. For young guys to look up to you it is a tremendous honor – a legend of the game. That is why you play."

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