Worry from both sides

The Chargers should be wary given the Eagles propensity for the big play, especially with Terrell Owens and Brian Westbrook sharing the load. Equally as impressive, the Bolts bring LaDainian Tomlinson to quell the east coast bias and Antonio Gates is their version of exhibit-B.

With all the injured parts in the San Diego secondary, they are about to face the number one passing offense in the NFL.

"TO and the number one passing team in the league, Philly," linebacker Randall Godfrey echoed.

Owens has already caught 37 passes, tied for fifth most in the NFL, through five games for 556 yards, an average of 15.0 per snag.

"He is a guy who battles all the time," head coach Marty Schottenheimer said of the challenge that Owens presents. "Terrell is going full speed every snap. A part of that is driven by that because with Donavan, the play is never over."

They will be equally wary of Brian Westbrook. He is third among all running backs in receptions (25) and leads in yards receiving (292).

The Eagles use the west coast offense to get him space in the flat with swing passes and hitch routes.

It will be up to the linebackers to shadow Westbrook and take away that outlet.

"Westbrook will burn you," safety Bhawoh Jue said.

Of course, the Eagles are wise to be just as wary. For one main reason: LaDainian Tomlinson. The fleet running back was a whirlwind last Sunday, rushing 31 times for 140 yards and catching two passes for 39. He can break his tie (18) with Lenny Moore (1963-65) of most consecutive games with a TD.

"He is good at everything," head coach Andy Reid said. "He is good at running the football, receiving the football and obviously if they need him to throw the ball, he's good at that too."

"He is a guy that has every move that you need in a running back," Brian Dawkins said. "He has everything it takes to be a great back and he is one."

Tomlinson ranks third in the NFL with 652 yards rushing, 63 behind league leader Shaun Alexander. He has also rushed for ten touchdowns while adding another as a receiver and tossing two more as a passer.

His 169 yards receiving give him 821 yards from scrimmage and he has six plays of 20 yards or more.

"He has great vision," Eagles' defensive coordinator Jim Johnson added. "He sees the hole and knows when to cut back or take the ball to the outside and is dangerous out there. He has excellent quickness and is one of those natural running backs like Emmit Smith or Barry Sanders. He's one of the best you will ever see."

And, like Philly, the Chargers boast a solid receiver as well. Tight end Antonio Gates is the team's leading receiver with 25, despite missing the opening game of the year.

He creates matchup problems with most teams who face him and his role will be vital against a strong Philadelphia defense.

"You have to pay attention to him and do some things to match up," explained Johnson. "But, he's a very unique receiver. He's a WR playing TE and that is what he is. The match up is going to be important, no question about it."

It will be up to each team's respective defenses to meet the challenges they are presented with this Sunday. Even then, it is a case of pick your poison.

Lightning Quicks:

The Toniu Fonoti trade was finalized on Thursday when he passed his physical in Minnesota.

"He did great," Vikings' head coach Mike Tice said. "He has a plate in his hand. He has had surgery on the hand, I believe twice. He is a number of weeks away from being able to play in the game. Next week he'll get a splint on that thing and be able to practice and get his game conditioning back. He is a big man. We're happy to have him. We think it was a great move by Rob (Brzezinski) and his staff. We get that addition of another big offensive lineman. I don't think we can count on him helping us for a month probably."

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