Chargers say we are better than you

There was no better feeling in the world than when you were a kid and got to say, "My team is better than your team." But saying it after a loss? That is the sound emanating from the Chargers.

"There is no way they are better than us," wide receiver Keenan McCardell said. "No way."

But the Eagles are 4-2 and the Chargers sit at 3-4?

Not so fast the Chargers proclaim.

"Our level of competition is so much better this season than last season," running back LaDainian Tomlinson added. "Playing two Super Bowl teams. Being so close and beating some of those people shows you what kind of team we have."

From this vantage point it appears they have a team that is incapable of finishing.

The games were close, sure, but truths in the NFL are measured in the win-loss column and by playoff teams at the end of the year.

For the fourth time they were either tied or held a lead late in the game and found a way to go home unhappy.

This week it was a blocked kick and a fumble. In week's past it has been four downs inside the ten, blew a 14-3 lead and lost with five seconds to go, and lost on a field goal with six ticks on the clock.

"Our football team is better than we were a year ago," head coach Marty Schottenheimer contends.

Then he adds the caveat, "The record notwithstanding."

But how else do you measure a team? The schedule may be more difficult. But this is the NFL and that challenge must be met. Before the season began, Schottenheimer said to "bring it on."

Well, it has been brought and the Chargers have lost as many games as last year with eight games to go.

There does not appear to be an eight game winning streak in this team.

"It is not like we are getting blown out," quarterback Drew Brees reasoned. "There is one play out of five that we make that we win those games."

Until they make the plays, however, this is just talk.

"We went on the road and pretty much dominated most of that game in some facet except for the last four minutes," added McCardell.

Even Tomlinson stressed that the Eagles were not the best defense he has faced, citing Pittsburgh as a better team defense. Hate to say it. They were the best he has faced on Sunday, particularly in the running game.

Veteran fullback Lorenzo Neal warned his team about being overconfident, especially after a loss.

"We have to stop and collectively say that you are never as good as you think you are. People know who we are and we had a chance to win and we didn't. We had a chance to win the game and we just did not do it."

And at 3-4, they are not better than a lot of teams. Seventeen teams sport a better record. Wins will make us believe. Prove you are better and then come back to us.

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