Chargers to make a run

The face of the San Diego Chargers remains LaDainian Tomlinson. Even though his image was mangled a week ago, his success is tied closely to the team.

The Chargers' LaDainian Tomlinson – who many call the best RB in the NFL – was held to a career-low seven rushing yards last week by Philadelphia. But the record shows that LaDainian comes back big time after an "off" game.

Since his 2001 rookie year, Tomlinson has rushed for under 50 yards ten times. In five of the ten games after his sub-50 performance, Tomlinson has rushed for 100 yards – twice totaling 200 yards. In the other five, he has averaged 82.4 yards.

"Tomlinson does things that are impossible for anyone to do," says Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil. "You say, ‘How did he do that?' I think he's playing better right now than I've ever seen him play."

The problem is the offensive line in front of him has faced its challenges. It isn't that they have played that bad, but they have faced more people than they can block.

That is the reason for the success that the Eagles had last week. With the copycat rule in effect, there is no doubt that the Chiefs will bring the house.

"I am eager to get back on the field," Tomlinson said.

The Pro Bowl back talked with his offensive line during the week to get a better understanding of what they are seeing.

The idea is to establish a renewed trust in each other to help get Tomlinson to the second level.

"It is the ultimate team game," Tomlinson added. "Everyone has to be on the same page."

The line, however, was vilified for their work against the Eagles when there was little they could do to temper the rush.

The Chargers had to change their gameplan in the second half, using the passing game to combat the rush.

"I think they have done great," quarterback Drew Brees said. "I think people have given them undue criticism. (Philly) was bringing more than we could block. I think they have done an exceptional job."

Wins come through LT. There is a history to it.

The Bolts are 18-8 when Tomlinson rushes for more than 100 yards. Given 20 carries or more, the star running back is 24-16. Let him cross the goal line twice in the same game and he is 15-4.

Those are the results that matter. No matter what is thrown at the offensive line, the running game is the first indicator to whether the team will win. They need to make it happen.

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