Chargers should roll in New York

This week the Chargers will play the New York Jets and it isn't the team that beat them twice a year ago.

Coming off the bye week, the fourth team in five weeks to have its bye before playing the Chargers, the Jets are a shadow of themselves.

The team is reeling from a long list of injuries and a 2-5 record, and the bye week was little help, except perhaps for some peace of mind.

"When you're winning games, you don't want the bye week," Testaverde said. "Obviously in our situation, we could use a break, kind of step away and take a deep breath then come back and regroup, see if we can get this thing started. Hopefully, this comes at a really good time for us. It's only good if we can get it turned around."

The Jets have lost quarterback Chad Pennington, center Kevin Mawae and linebacker Eric Barton for the season to injuries. Backup quarterback Jay Fiedler is also out at least another month with a shoulder injury, forcing the Jets to essentially coax the 41-year-old Testaverde out of retirement. Running back Curtis Martin is declining quickly due to age and an injured knee and is averaging just 3.4 yards per carry.

"The middle of the season is ideal from a physical standpoint, but what we've been through at this point, I think it will do guys a lot of good to get away and forget about it," new center Pete Kendall said. "Coming in here and answering the same questions every week about where we are certainly doesn't do you a lot of good (when you're) trying to focus on the future instead of the past."

The Jets are convinced that all their problems are caused simply by "correctable mistakes," whether coming from the offensive line or the run defense.

"Definitely. Whatever it is, it's the little things for us," said linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who intends on spending the next four days resting. "When we watch it on film, we say it's easy to correct but in the game everyone is like, `What's going on?' It's just the little things you have to focus on."

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