Chargers can take a step forward

Another team. Another team with a bye week. But you wouldn't know it. The Jets, at 2-5, are a team in turmoil and the Chargers have to take advantage.

While their first workout after the bye wasn't any harder than usual, the determination and frustration of the New York Jets players was as they entered the locker room huffing and sweating.

More than a few players came off the bye week pretty ticked off about their 2-5 season as they prepared to face San Diego at home Sunday.

"Right now we want to talk with our pads and let's play the game. Nothing I can say right now will make us play better," said defensive end Shaun Ellis, part of a defense that has allowed 382 yards rushing in the past two games.

"Enough talking, we've been talking too much, so we've got to go out and play football."

Bothered during his off days because he was losing, Ellis stressed that the talking he was describing was answering all the questions as to why the Jets are playing so poorly. Ellis said all you had to do was watch the games to see all the things that are going wrong right now.

Asked if he thought his teammates were as mad as he was, Ellis replied: "I don't know, I hope so."

Running back Curtis Martin spent his off days coming into the Jets practice facility to receive treatment for the strained right knee that has bothered him all season.

"Many of us have been here for years, (and) it's probably one of the worst conditions that we've been in as a team," Martin said. "We're beating ourselves more than anyone. Our focus isn't the San Diego Chargers or any other team. It's taking care of what we need to in-house. Until we take care of those in-house problems we realize we won't beat anyone."

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