Chargers coordinators offer unique insight

After three and a half years, plenty of pleas, and lots of denial, the San Diego Chargers boss opened up the can.

Head coach Marty Schottenheimer made the offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron, and the defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips, available to the media.

One thing was clear after words with Cameron – he is a spitting image of the coach.

Cameron carefully picked his words, measuring each with the same care he looks at down and distance.

There was no such worry from Wade Phillips – a former head coach who believes he could make that jump again. He wasn't pressed but answered each truthfully and with tact. He has been here before.

Cameron didn't seem new to the game either. Instead of offering praise, everything he said pointed back to evolving – and it included everyone from Antonio Gates to LaDainian Tomlinson.

"Let's not think he is unstoppable," Cameron said of Gates. "He is good and how can we coach him so he continues to improve. We just have to continue to demand a lot of him. When people start telling a young player he is that good it does not work to his advantage.

"We are going to continue to coach him aggressively, push him, challenge him as a blocker, challenge him to not only catch it but hang on to it."

On the subject of Tomlinson, Cameron steered the conversation in a way that even made the media look good.

While he received the standard question about "the cut" on Ty Law, his offensive coordinator was more enthralled about another facet of his game.

"I don't think anyone has talked about one of these blocks yet. He is one of the best blocking backs I have been around. That speaks a lot of him as a player."

On the other side of the ball, the talk was narrow-minded.

Forget how the pass rush has evolved and the extra emphasis on rushing the quarterback. Overlook the play of the defensive line. Let's talk pass defense.

Credit Phillips for his smart approach to the conversation. Instead of placing the focus on secondary, he worked a different angle.

It was a rush to have these two minds keenly aware of the leading question and smoothly swivel the discussion to meet their agenda.

So, why does everyone think they can pass at will on San Diego?

"We are going to see a lot of passes because our offense is going to score points," offered Phillips. "It changes what the other team does. They are going to worry about your offense scoring so they are going to have to throw.

"The best they can average is five yards rushing and the worst they can average is six yards passing."

Given the answers – the floor should be open more often. Cameron and Phillips offer an insightful view of the facts and are capable of giving surprisingly answers filled with substance.

You can be sure Schottenheimer was listening – and smiling at his wisdom. It only took three and a half years.

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