Chargers Bye Week Whispers

The Chargers have their bye week and are off until Monday but a lot of players are staying in town to rest. Normally a time to go out of town, the team feels it needs to regain its health and keep the strong bond that has enabled them to win the last two.

Not only is resting the body a concern – and they will fly enough this year – but the team preparation begins on Monday in earnest and several players would like to stay and play together this weekend to keep the group as tightly knit as possible.

"I think the atmosphere that has been created here speaks volumes of the environment that has been created," offensive coordinator Cam Cameron said of team unity.

  • Apparently, the Jets are still upset over a perceived pass interference call that wasn't made and continue to make waves about it.

    Jets offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger was convinced that the second-and-goal fade pattern to Laveranues Coles that was broken up by cornerback Jamar Fletcher was a clear case of pass interference.

    That was "about as big-time a pass interference as you can get," Heimerdinger said.

    Replays showed that Fletcher had contact with Coles while the ball was in the air, but the referees decided it was incidental. Heimerdinger could be fined for his words.

  • Rookie DE Luis Castillo had played high school ball not far from Giants Stadium, and he had a cheering contingent of nearly 200 family and friends. The group was loud and proud, waving the Dominican Republic flag and generally making a ruckus.

    "To come on this field for the first time as a player, after seeing it so many times as a kid was an unbelievable feeling," said Castillo, who had two tackles.

    Although his crew cheered no matter what he was doing.

    "They are Dominicans," he said, "so they don't really know much about football."

    Several fans cheering on the Jets were thrown out for tossing stuff at the Castillo clan. They even raised a "USA" chant to rile the group. No one from the group was thrown out for their behavior.

  • For nearly four quarters, Leander Jordan, making his first start at left tackle, blocked Pro Bowl DE John Abraham just fine.

    Then Abraham beat him to the edge late in the game and Abraham smacked quarterback Drew Brees. That forced a fumble that gave the Jets a chance at a victory.

    "I had my hands around him the whole time, but once he got that step on me, that was it," Jordan said.

    Veteran RG Mike Goff was impressed with Jordan's showing. "(Jordan) played his (tail) off against one the best defensive ends in the league," Goff said.

    While it is early, Jordan could again be at left tackle for the Bolts when they play Buffalo. Roman Oben's foot may need more time to heal as the type of injury he has is only cured by time.

  • Wide receiver Reche Caldwell, who fumbled his last two receptions coming into the game, rebounded with a solid outing; a career-high five receptions for 43 yards last Sunday.

    "I made sure I protected the ball this game," Caldwell said. "I was conscious of that; I didn't want my team down."

    Rookie wideout Vincent Jackson made his first NFL catch, an 18-yard pickup in the second quarter. Jackson, who battled leg injuries earlier in the season, came back on the pass and made a nifty diving catch.

    Both could continue to see their roles expanded as Eric Parker is not expected to be back at full health for the Buffalo game.

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