A better Brees will win games

One game separates the Chargers and Bills. But there are 13 other differences between the teams.

When you think about it, it is hard to believe that the Chargers are the team with the better record. The Bills own a plus ten turnover ratio and the Chargers sit at minus three in the same category.

The Chargers have given the rock away 14 times, and it could be stated that all came at crucial times. Buffalo may have given away 12 but they have stolen 22 to make their margin.

"The team we are playing is awfully good in that regard," head coach Marty Schottenheimer said of the Bills ability to take the ball away.

The difference, of course, is the Chargers are still scoring points. They average nearly 100 yards more in the passing game while also outpacing the Bills in the running game.

The Chargers rank third in the NFL in scoring, eight points off the pace. The Bills are sixth from the bottom of the league.

But, the Bills have allowed 30 fewer points than the Chargers.

Which means the Chargers have to hold onto the ball at all costs.

"We have to do a better job of taking care of the football. Our aggregate is minus three. We have to fix that. That is more important than kickoff coverage. That wins games."

And a 5-4 record is the byproduct of the negative turnover ratio.

"Ball security," quarterback Drew Brees began, "we are way behind from that regard a year ago. To be minus 11 from where we were last year we have to consider ourselves lucky.

It is rather amazing. The Chargers have a winning record and Brees has thrown more picks in nine games than he threw all last year.

"That is number one, first priority," said Brees.

There is a caveat. Brees is not too concerned about the interceptions he has thrown. In fact, he estimates that only one interception was made by a poor decision.

"Interceptions are going to happen," said Brees. "Maybe one of the eight. . ."

The Champ Bailey pick is the only one that he looks back on and regrets. And he had to be reminded about that one.

He must have forgotten about the poor decisions in the Dallas game that led to a touchdown for the Boys and an end game win when they picked it in the end zone.

It must have escaped Brees' mind that his interception in Pittsburgh led to a touchdown – the Chargers lost by two points.

That interception deep in San Diego territory that led to a field goal for Philly – must have been one of his good throws.

The evidence states it clearly. Brees must do a better job in his decision making, regardless of what he says.

"It has a greater effect on the outcome of games than any other statistic," Schottenheimer added.

In all four losses, the common thread is a Brees interception that allowed the opposition to make a play. Coincidence? Not likely.

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