Chargers buy into philosophy

It looked like the Chargers didn't have a prayer in Sunday's game. On the road. A hostile environment. A defense that had little give.

But there are a few things the Chargers preach as an organization and it starts with what the coach is saying and permeates throughout the players.

Not even a ‘Beautiful Mind' could have summed it up better than linebacker Shaun Phillips.

"If you have a winning team you have to believe in the coaches' philosophy," Phillips said.

The Chargers really didn't play well enough to preserve the victory. But the defense held fast and the rest believed.

Even head coach Marty Schottenheimer professed his faith in the situation. "I don't know why," he clamored. But he had a feeling that his team would win and it had nothing to do with Thanksgiving leftovers.

When you have built camaraderie, a do anything for the guy next to you mentality, there are expectations for everyone to fight, battle and claw – prove they are part of the team. The San Diego Chargers team.

It can be seen when David Binn, the long snapper, is making a special teams tackle. Luis Castillo busts up the middle and gets the lonely Chargers fans in the crowd riled up. Eric Parker makes another grab over the middle.

If the ship goes down, at least they can say they did it together.

The waters may be rocky after a slow start to the year but the boat is afloat.

"I think we showed what we were made of," Schottenheimer said.

And they did. They overcame countless errors. They lost the turnover battle by a three to nil margin. They dropped eight passes.

Instead of pointing fingers they patted each other on the back and offered words of reassurance. ‘We'll get them on our next series.'

Ride the stallion. LaDainian Tomlinson showed them where their heart was and brought the band back together as one again.

"Our guys refused to be denied," Schottenheimer beamed. "I think that speaks very well of them."

"The good teams find a way to win and that is what we did," offered quarterback Drew Brees.

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