Chargers heading for destiny?

While talk of the Colts has hit preliminary stages, the Chargers did pick up a game within the division, placing destiny squarely in their hands.

"We're right in the thick of things," cornerback Quentin Jammer said. "We still want to win the division."

The opportunity to spoil the Colts' perfect season has its perks too and would put them in position to meet their objectives.

And who can blame the media for asking about Indy before Miami has even come into town. The water cooler buzz is ripe with talk of the Chargers being the best chance to break the Colts streak – much like they did to the Patriots earlier this year when they won in Gillette Stadium.

While they privately are eager to see how they match up, and publicly saying that they hope Indianapolis is undefeated, the players are also quick to point out this weekend's game against the Dolphins.

Even the media is wise enough to know that a loss here would cripple the Chargers as they have the daunting task of finishing up with Indianapolis, Kansas City and Denver – with the Broncos the only home game on the slate.

One loss is perhaps acceptable and would get them a wild card berth but it is hard to believe that two would offer them that reprieve.

Which makes Miami – another team with its backs against the wall who has a shot, albeit a pretty slim one, to win the weakest division – the AFC East, where the Padres Patriots are barely breathing above the .500 mark.

"They are playing well right now," quarterback Drew Brees said of the Dolphins. "They finished strong and got a win (last week). They are feeling confident about themselves and have a shot at the division – the AFC East."

Miami is two games back with four to play. One loss on Sunday would close the door on whatever run they could muster.

"They lose the next game there is going to be trouble for them," linebacker Shawne Merriman conceded. "You can expect for their backs to be against the walls and them come out firing. We can't let them hang around the game."

Lightning Quicks:

"I think he is probably the best running back that I have seen. I am sure some people would say that he is the best period. That is no disrespect to anybody else we have played against or that we will have to play. The guy is a phenomenal runner relative to his quickness and change of direction, but he also has power and is a good receiver. He is really tough. I can't say enough about the kind of football player the guy is and what he does for his team, but I also think that the playmakers they have around him and their ability to create balance, all of those things complement each other. They really have a good offensive team." -- Coach Nick Saban when asked to assess San Diego tailback LaDainian Tomlinson.

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