Chargers not prepared for latest exam

Hopefully the Chargers will study a little harder for their next exam. After pulling an all-nighter, the Bolts performed well below expectations.

"It's frustrating to know we had all the answers to the test and we failed," fullback Lorenzo Neal said.

Whenever tough times visit Drew Brees, he accepts them and says they happened for a reason, looking ahead to the next "A" game.

So what was gleaned from Sunday's pratfall to the two-touchdown underdog Miami Dolphins? Even Brees wasn't sure.

"At this point, you wish it didn't (happen)," Brees said. "Like you always do when something bad happens or you are kind of faced with some adversity. Like, 'Hey, why did this stuff happen to us?' But it did."

And the Chargers know they can waste little time playing the woe-is-me card. With three killer games awaiting -- the first being Sunday against the undefeated Colts -- the Chargers have to get back to work to keep their faint playoff hopes alive.

"You have to move on," Brees said. "Maybe this gives us the strength to pull together and win this one and win the next one, and win the next one and get ourselves in the playoffs and go for that championship we have been talking about for so long."

But the Chargers are no longer in the driver's seat in that regard. If they could have won their final four games, the Chargers would have been assured the AFC West title and their second straight playoff appearance.

But after Sunday's nosedive, the Chargers need help from others -- and they likely must win their final three.

Does Brees really expect to be playing past December?

"There's no doubt in my mind," Brees said. "It's an expectation to make the playoffs."

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