Chargers only remedy is wins

Everyone knows the situation by now. The Chargers are in dire need of a win – actually three wins if we are being honest.

While no one wants to put the dreaded "must-win" moniker on this weekend's game, it exists.

The Chargers must do what no one else has done this year – beat Indianapolis. And they must do it in the RCA Dome. Not to go unnoticed, the Bolts will be facing the top scoring team in the league and a team that owns a 212 point differential over their opponents.

Yes, the Colts are 13-0. But their margin of victory averages out to over 16 points per game. No one is coming close.

This is the must-win situation the Chargers have put themselves in.

Linebacker Donnie Edwards summed it up quite nicely:

"We have to go on the road and come up with a big win against a team that is undefeated."

With deftly selected words, head coach Marty Schottenheimer refused to call it what it is. The English major, in an effort to alleviate the pressure from the pimple, made just a small incision rather than popping it entirely.

"It is extremely important," said Schottenheimer. "We are in a battle for a playoff spot right now. Must win, I don't know. There are multiple things that can and will happen between now and the end of the season."

The Chargers are winning games by an average of 15.75 and losing by less than a field goal. They would seem to matchup well against Indianapolis, record aside.

But if you don't think a chance at perfection isn't enticing for the Colts – no matter what they say – we have a bridge to sell you.

To that end, the Chargers will be revved up for this one. They have to be. A raccoon backed into a corner that is unpredictable and savage. This is a no holds barred situation.

"If you don't get motivated for this deal, I don't know how you get motivated," quarterback Drew Brees said. "There is a lot on the line in a lot of ways."

When the whistle blows for the opening kickoff, the Chargers are the team that must settle down and play within their game. The Colts have felt the pressure of perfection build and are in their friendly confines. For San Diego, the pressure mounted after a loss to Miami this past weekend and has put a stranglehold on their season.

Motivated is one thing. Overanxious is another. The Bolts have the weapons to compete with Indianapolis. And if they can find a way to win the rope around their necks will slacken – if for a week. A loss, however, and the horse has been kicked and the Bolts will hang. They will only be able to think back on missed opportunities that put them in this situation to begin with.

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