Taking care of business

Nothing says beating an unbeaten team like missing the playoffs. In other words, no one really cares if the Chargers can't tango.

The Chargers may have beaten Indianapolis but that wasn't the point of all this. The only point is playoffs.

It isn't quite taboo – but the Bolts are but a loss away from one little word being a dirty little secret that can't be spouted.

"If we don't take care of our end of the bargain then no chance," quarterback Drew Brees said of the team's playoff chances.

The Chargers made like David this past weekend but they must continue to make an assault on the win column if they hope for this year to continue.

Two games. Two wins. And then they need some help. But forget that they need someone to throw them a lifejacket. The line means nothing if they lose.

And no matter how much they would like to look forward – as their coach is able to do – it is hard for them to not think about the squandered opportunities.

"There are games we let slip away and I think everyone knows that," fullback Lorenzo Neal said. "You hate to look back and say coulda, shoulda, woulda.

"If you look at our season and the way we lost..."

San Diego has lost five games this year by a total of 14 points and no loss was by more than four.

Five years from today, no one will care how they lost those five games. They will only show the Chargers as a team that lost five games and still missed the playoffs, if that is how it pans out. So why should we even care today?

The Chargers are 9-5. At one point this year they were 3-4. That is remarkable. They are a better team. Perhaps San Diego will be the only one that remembers.

"We realized how tough this schedule was going to be this year," added Brees. "We started off slow."

They are racing towards the finish line with two to go. Neither will be easy as both are division rivals. But Sunday's game means the most. In Kansas City.

Lose and only the only memory of the season will be the what could have been that Lorenzo Neal talked about.

"Our task is very simple," Schottenheimer began, "we have to get ready to play the Chiefs in a tough stadium and a short week."

Simple indeed.

Lightning Quicks:

Eric Parker will likely miss Sunday's game against the Chiefs. He will be replaced in the lineup by Reche Caldwell.

Roman Oben is likely headed to injured reserve as his availability over the last two weeks of the season is in question.

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