Life in the NFL

Unlike the Holiday season where you can take your time to celebrate, the Chargers must turn their attention forward - in a short week.

That's the trouble with the NFL: you can't enjoy a big win like Sunday.

The Chargers pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the NFL season when disposing of the undefeated Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

But this being the NFL, they got to basically celebrate until midnight. Then first thing Monday, they turned their attention to the Kansas City Chiefs.

There isn't much time to revel in the afterglow of the Colts' conquest. It is a short week -- the Chargers play Saturday, and they realize they still probably have to win their final two games (at home against Denver after the Chiefs) to have any chance to reach the playoffs.

But quarterback Drew Brees did allow a moment or two to reflect on Sunday's big win.

"We believe we were going to go there and win, keep our playoffs hopes alive," Brees said. "Of course, everybody is talking about the (undefeated) streak being broken and everything else."

While everyone else was focusing on the Chargers' rival and what they were trying to achieve, the Chargers (9-5) were more concerned about their fate.

"For us, that was just another team in our path and another game we had to win in order to go on and achieve the goals we set at the beginning of the year," Brees said.

"That's why it was more of a 'hey, let's go there and take care of business, to kind of keep ourselves in a position to where our playoff hopes are still alive."'

The Chargers need some help to see the postseason. They trail the Steelers and Jaguars for one of the two spots. And while the Chargers face two tough teams in the Chiefs and Broncos, the two teams ahead them have soft schedules: Jacksonville is at Houston and plays Tennessee; Pittsburgh is at Cleveland and plays Detroit.

The Chargers have a tough road to hoe. But they made their own bed by starting 0-2, losing three of their first five and suffering a killer loss to the visiting Dolphins two weeks ago.

Lightning Quicks: From the Indianapolis side of town:

"We had a great run going and that's still a positive thing. (Sunday, San Diego) was the better club and we have to give credit to them." - Colts defensive tackle Josh Williams on the impact from the loss to San Diego.

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