Chargers defense will be shorthanded Sunday

The Chargers took a blow to the secondary on Wednesday when they found out they would be losing a valuable member of their secondary for the rest of the regular season.

Safety Terrence Kiel is going to have ankle surgery and will miss the final two games of the season.

While the team is high on Clinton Hart and believes he can handle the job, the task becomes taller this week with Tony Gonzalez on the docket.

Kiel will not be placed on injured reserve as the team is hopeful that he can return if the team makes the playoffs.

With Bhawoh Jue hurting as well, the secondary will be tested. Jue will play this weekend, despite a knee injury that has plagued him.

Jerry Wilson, who has not seen a lot of time in the secondary, will have a bigger impact over the final two weeks of the season and Jerrell Pippens may also be activated.

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