Chargers cheer Williams selection

Without a question, the Chargers' Pro Bowl selection cheered the loudest was Jamal Williams.

"He brings everything you need to a 3-4 defense," said head coach Marty Schottenheimer. "He is selfless the way he goes about his job."

Williams, the team's sturdy nose tackle, gets little recognition. But he is a big reason why the Chargers claim the NFL's top run defense; allowing only 74.9 yards per game.

Williams and the Chargers have gone 16 straight games without a back rushing for 100 yards. That streak runs smack dab into the Chiefs' Larry Johnson on Saturday in a key game with playoff implications for both teams.

Johnson has run for 100 yards in seven straight games. And if he can establish the run against the Chargers, that opens it up for quarterback Trent Green.

The Chargers' secondary is coming off a good game in last week's win over Indianapolis. But it remains the team's weakest link, and Green could pick on it if Johnson is productive.

But Williams will be eager to squash him just like the Chargers have done to countless other running backs. Still, it'll be an interesting match-up with Williams and ends Luis Castillo and Igor Olshansky going against a Chiefs' offensive line featuring three Pro Bowlers.

"In the 3-4, it always starts with the nose man," added Schottenheimer. "They don't single block Jamal Williams."

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