Saturday NFL Personnel Feed - Updated 9:04

Indianapolis-- Directly from the NFL combine, live feeds from NFL coaches and executives on all the news from Indianapolis.

Rich McKay/Atlanta Falcons

- On the CBA: "From the teams' perspective, we're going to remain hopeful.
- He listed Wednesday at sort of a drop-dead date for the delay of free agency. "Unless there is a deal, it won't get pushed back."
- Called it "extremely difficult" to operate without an extension.
- Without a cap, McKay the "tricks of the trade" will all drop into this year's cap, affecting teams' cap room. Contract would only be able to be four years long and he thinks trades will be less likely because of accelerated bonuses. He also expects free agency would be slower.

Dennis Green/Arizona Cardinals

- He doesn't expect any blockbuster deals for the Cardinals in free agency, saying he doesn't want to go one-and-done in free agency.
- Cardinals aren't as good in cap position as many have implied, saying they aren't $25 million under.
- Expects to add offensive linemen.
- He admitted today that they will not sign QB Josh McCown before free agency starts.
- He said RB J.J. Arrington just needs another chance with better blocking.
- Called QB Tom Brady the best since Joe Montana and that the Patriots "struck gold" getting him in the sixth round of the 2000 draft.
- He said the Steelers' Super Bowl win proves that the physical brand of football still wins games.

Floyd Reese/Tennessee Titans

- Confirmed that the Titans would like to extend Steve McNair.
- He said that Billy Volek wants to be a starter and they the Titans like him as a solid backup.
- The lack of a Collective Bargaining Agreement meant that they had to get creative in signing DE Kyle Vanden Bosch, giving him less of a signing bonus but more guaranteed salary in future years.
- He feels good about the progress cornerback Adam "Pac Man" Jones made in his maturity later in the year.
- The Titans will hold off on free agent options until they know more on the CBA.
- His draft analysis: Strength is at linebacker ("as strong as we've had in a while); wide receivers are weak at the top, thicker in rounds 2-3; the offensive line is average; a few more prospects on the defensive line; cornerback position offers good raw speed.
- He said it's not a great year for wide receivers in free agency, but the Titans would like one to add more experience to their young group.

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