Chargers focus on LBs - Updated 7:15 PM

Indianapolis-- Directly from the NFL combine, live feeds from NFL Draft prospects on all the news from Indianapolis. The Chargers have hit the pavement hard, looking at a cornerback and a safety on Sunday. They then turned their attention to several linebackers. Updated 7:15 PM

Greg Blue/S/Georgia

- Will do a full workout.
- Said Georgia just recruits guys who works hard.
- Likes the label of being a big hitter, and appreciates the skills of former Oakland Raider DB Jack Tatum.
- Played mostly Cover-2 or 3 or covered tight ends.
- Says he needs work on his coverage skills because he didn't do much of that.
- Thinks most of the big-time safeties are big hitters.

D'Qwell Jackson/LB/Maryland

- Measured in at 6'0 4/8/230 pounds.
- Says every team wants to see how he runs.
- Expects to run in the 4.5 range.
- Feels he had an advantage in coverage with his position coach being a former defensive backs coach.
- Was part of a 3-4 defense at Maryland.
- Said his mental preparation is one of his strengths.
- Has spoken with the Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings so far.

Gerris Wilkinson/LB/Georgia Tech

- Checked in at 6'3,/233 pounds.
- Teams are trying to figure out where to play him. Figures he'd be a strong-side lienbacker in a 4-3 and inside in a 3-4 scheme.
- Played at 229 pounds. Most teams wants him to put on 10 to 15 pounds.
- Played a lot of zone in college.
- Describes himself as a sideline-to-sideline player.
- Feedback from the Senior Bowl says his weakness is 1-on-1 coverage of tight ends.
- Talked to the New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals at the Senior Bowl.
- Has met with the Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and Miami Dolphins so far.

Brandon Johnson/LB/Louisville

- Checked in at 6'4/228 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Played in the East-West Shrine game.
- Has always played in the 4-3 defense.
- Said he needs to get bigger. Played at 224 pounds.
- Likes the NFL game of Cato June and Derrick Brooks.
- Has interviewed with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders.

Chad Greenway/LB/Iowa

- Checked in at 6'2 ½/242 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Said his best asset is his versatility.
- Played weakside linebacker at Iowa. Would play outside in a 3-4 defense.
- Iowa was the only Division I offer he received.
- Tore his ACL his freshman year and was playing in a Big Ten game four months after surgery.
- Did 16 reps at 225 pounds.
- Expects to run under 4.6 in the 40.
- Said he didn't blitz much in college.
- Played nine-man football in high school in Mt. Vernon, S.D.
- Parents own a farm, where they have hogs, cows.
- San Francisco 49ers were his favorite team growing up because of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice.
- Call Chris Perry the toughest running back he faced.
- Says his style is similar to Brian Urlacher, although not at his level.
- Has talked with the Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers, St. Louis Rams, Arizona Cardinals and the New York Giants.

Roger McIntosh/LB/Miami-Fla.

- Measured in at 6-2/237 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Says he needs to work on his upper body strength and getting off blocks.
- His best asset is his speed; runs about a 4.4 40.
- Played on the tight end a lot.
- Played on the strong side or in the middle.
- Says he's a "tweener" at the linebacker positions.

A.J. Hawk/LB/Ohio State

- Measured in at 6'1/248 pounds.

- Bench press: 24 reps

- Will do a full workout. Didn't want to wait until Pro Day because he feels the Combine is part of what you've been working for.

Keith Ellison/LB/Oregon State

- Measured in at 6-1 and 235 pounds.

- Will do a full workout.

- Most people see him more as an inside linebacker, but he has experience at both.

- Really wants teams to know he's a high-character guy.

- His kickoff coverage and punt coverage skills will be an asset at the pro level.

- Feels he gets out in coverage well.

- Needs to work on shedding blockers.

Anthony Schlegel/LB/Ohio State

- Measured in at 6'0/250 pounds.

- Says he is a straight inside linebacker that can play 3-4 or 4-3.

- Will do full workouts.

- Wants to show his sideline-to-sideline speed at the Combine and prove that he can run.

- So far he's only met with the San Diego Chargers and the New Orleans Saints.

Bobby Carpenter/LB/Ohio State

- Measured in at 6'2 ½/256 pounds.

- Ankle problem will keep him from working out, but will be ready for his Pro Day.

- Said the ankle is coming along but it's still gets sore the day after he works out.

- Has played inside linebacker earlier in his career but feels he's best on the edge.

- Met with 12 teams but didn't specify who he met with.

Ernie Sims/LB/Florida State

- Measured in at 5-11 ¾ and 231 pounds.

- Will do a full workout.

- Has met with the Vikings, Falcons and Bucs.

- Was a strongside backer at Florida State but thinks he projects better as a weakside linebacker at the pro level.

- Has a reputation of throwing his body around on the field and says he goes out with the attitude of punishing people.

40 Times:

Reggie McNeal/QB/Texas A&M: 4.38 || 4.43

Todd Watkins/WR/BYU: 4.45 || 4.44

Jeff Webb/WR/San Diego State: 4.48 || 4.45

Sinorice Moss/WR/Miami (Fl): 4.39 || Quad Injury

Hubert Walker/WR/Central Missouri State: 4.53 || 4.55

Practice Notes:

Hubert Walker/WR/Central Missouri State: Weighed in at 240 pounds and looked great in pass catching drills.

Greg Jennings/WR/Western Michigan: Looked good in practice.

Erik Meyer/QB/Eastern Washington: Looked good in practice.

Donte Whitner/S/Ohio State

- Measured in at 5'10/204 pounds.
- Decided to come out early because wanted to go against the best players in the country.
- Will do a full workout.
- NFL gave him a second-round grade.
- Calls Philadelphia Brian Dawkins one of his favorite players.
- Said Ohio State has an NFL style of defense with it's adjustments on the fly.
- Played nickel back three years and came to OSU as a cornerback.
- Managed to get 73 tackles, nine tackles-for-loss and four sacks behind a great linebacker corps.
- Compares his game to Indianapolis' Bob Sanders.
- Has met with the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs.

Derrick Martin/CB/Wyoming

- Measured in at 5'10/202 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Expects to go between the second and fourth rounds. NFL returned a grade of third or fourth round.
- Declared early because teams had already begun throwing to the other side of the field and didn't want to see his stats suffer more.
- Hoping to run a 4.3 to 4.4 in the 40.

Nate Salley/S/Ohio State

- Measured in at 6-1/216 pounds.
- Likes being down near the line of scrimmage.
- Talks with former Buckeye CB Will Allen about once a week and keeps in contact with S Mike Doss.
- Played basketball and long jump in high school.
- Hopes to run the 40 in the low 4.5s, saying he's never been known as a speed guy.
- Has talked with the Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders, and New York Giants.

Bernard Pollard/S/Purdue

- Checked in at 6'1/224 pounds.
- Not sure if he'll do the full workout, depending on how he feels.
- Will do all the defensive back drills.
- Played a lot of Cover-2 and quarters in college.
- Didn't blitz a lot.
- Has interviewed with the San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, and the Indianapolis Colts.

Richard Marshall/CB/Fresno State

- Checked in at 5'11/189 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Hopes to run the 40 in the low 4.4s to maybe 4.3.
- Played mostly quarters and man defense.
- Says he can play all styles of defense.
- When asked who was the toughest receiver he's faced, he said "There really wasn't anybody that tough."
- Received a projection of the second or third rounds from the NFL.
- Has interviewed with the Miami Dolphins.

Pat Watkins/S/Florida State

- Measured in at 6-4, 211 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Believes his size will attract NFL teams.
- Was a gunner on punt team and blocked kicks.
- Played both on and off the line.
- Has played mainly free safety, but played strong safety at the Senior Bowl.
- Ran track and played basketball in high school.
- Says he's a first-day guy.

Marcus Maxey/CB/Miami (Fl)

- Checked in at 6'1 ¾/198 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Went to Miami because he thought it gave him the best chance to win a national championship.
- Has spoken with the Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals, and Detroit Lions.
- Hoping to go in the first or second round.
- Said teams like his versatility; plays against inside and outside receivers and has played safety.
- Played a lot of press coverage.
- Said the toughest wideout he faced in the ACC was his teammate, Sinorice Moss.
- Played safety his first two years, but is viewed as more of a cornerback.
- Characterizes himself as a laid-back guy who likes to hang out and watch movies.

DeMario Minter/DB/Georgia

- Measured 5-11, 190 pounds.
- Played around 195 pounds.
- Said people don't know how fast he is.
- Will do a full workout.
- Was hearing he'd be drafted early in the second round.
- People question him about his lack of interceptions, but he said he had a lot of passes broken up.
- People like his physical nature.
- Was all-state in track in high school, but feels he lost a little speed with the weight he gained in college.
- Has interviewed with the San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jimmy Williams/CB/Virginia Polytech Institute

- Measured in at 6'2/213 pounds.
- Will do the defensive back drills, but no running or lifting.
- Considers himself the top cornerback in the draft and a top-10 pick.
- More comfortable at cornerback.
- Feels he's the best defensive back in the country.
- Has been playing cornerback for two years and practicing it for three years.
- Talked to coaches about making the switch from safety to cornerback in his sophomore year.
- Played safety and quarterback in high school.
- On his trash talk: "I need you guys; I need the media."
- Like hitting—says he knocked six players out of games this year.
- Nicknamed "Dubb."

Ko Simpson/S/South Carolina

- Checked in at 6'0/209 pounds.
- Will do a full workout.
- Says Ed Reed and Troy Polumalu changed the way safeties play the game.
- Coaches want him to be more vocal.
- Played in a 4-3 man defense.
- Declared early because he felt his skills after two years showed he was ready.
- Has covered mostly tight ends and running backs when matched in coverage.
- Liked playing for a "laid-back" Steve Spurrier.
- Says his ball skills are his strength.
- Views Ed Reed as the model safety.
- Hasn't played cornerback at all.
- Trains in New Jersey.

- The San Diego Chargers are scheduled to interview him.

Alan Zemaitis/CB/Penn State

- Measured in at 6-1, 195 pounds.
- Will not work out; wants to feel comfortable in familiar surroundings.
- Pro Day is March 16.
- Is working out in Phoenix, trying to improve his explosion.
- Ran a 4-3, Cover-2.
- Can play press man, just tries to disguise the coverage.
- Hopes to run a 4.4 at his March 16 Pro Day.
- Confident in his ability to react to the ball.

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