Tuesday NFL Combine LIVE Feed - Updated 1:53P

Indianapolis-- Directly from the NFL combine, live feeds from NFL Draft prospects on all the news from Indianapolis. Updated 1:53 PM

Linebacker 40 Times:

Jon Alston/Stanford: 4.43 || 4.50

James Anderson/Virginia Tech: 4.65 || 4.58

Chad Greenway/Iowa: 4.75 || 4.77

Spencer Havner/UCLA: 4.72 || 4.73

A.J. Hawk/Ohio State: 4.57 || 4.60

Abdul Hodge/Iowa: 4.80 || 4.76

Thomas Howard/UTEP: 4.52 || 4.45

Clint Ingram/Oklahoma: 4.65 || 4.62

D'Qwell Jackson/Maryland: 4.82 || 4.70

Brandon Johnson/Louisville: 4.52 || 4.56

Tim McGarigle/Northwestern : 4.73 || 4.75

Roger McIntosh/Miami (Fl): 4.61 || 4.61

Terna Nande/Miami (Oh): 4.53 || 4.55

A.J. Nicholson/Florida State: 4.87 || 4.90

Kai Parham/UVA: 5.03 || 5.11

Freddie Roach/Alabama: 4.92 || 4.94

DeMeco Ryans/Alabama: 4.62 || 4.65

Ernie Sims/Florida State: 4.53 || 4.51

Gerris Wilkinson/Georgia Tech: 4.76 || 4.70

Leon Williams/Miami (Fl): 4.62 || 4.65

Jamar Williams/Arizona State: 4.62 || 4.64

Travis Williams/Auburn: 4.56 || 4.56

Scouts were impressed with Ernie Simms of Florida State and think he elevated his draft stock.

We reported from the Senior Bowl that team's were concerned about the surly nature of Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler.  Now comes word his interviews here have been mediocre at best.  The problem is Cutler has come across as very vague when asked direct questions.

A former quarterback turned head coach in the NFL said any team who draft's Cutler better be prepared for their franchise quarterback to throw 30-picks a year.

Hofstra receiver Marques Colston ran well during his forty but turned scouts off even before he took the field at the RCA Dome.  During interviews the 6'4" Colston gave coaches the impression he wanted nothing to do with a move to the h-back or tight end position.

Scouts were surprised Joshua Tinch was not given an invite to the combine, especially after his terrific senior campaign.  Tinch is another big-bodied receiver teams are projecting to h-back.

Did receiver Greg Lee of Pittsburgh make a mistake declaring for the draft after a poor junior campaign?  In a nutshell, yes....some teams do not even have Lee on their draft boards.

How fundamentally bad did Omar Jacobs of Bowling Green look on Sunday?  One major NFL general manager said in passing Jacobs is a "sandlot player".

Chicago Bears general manager quickly popped his head into the RCA Dome Sunday morning to watch the running back time in the forty then quickly left...or we should say one running back as the object of his desire was Mississippi State's Jerious Norwood, who is projected to receiver by many squads.

How impressive was Vernon Davis of Maryland the previous two days?  Scouts are now referring to him as a "rare" prospect.

The St. Louis Rams are incredibly impressed with the tight end crop in this years draft.  They will definitely select one in April.  They would love to add Vernon Davis to their roster but that is unlikely.  Expect them to take a long look at Joe Klopfenstein in round two.

Scouts feel that Tennessee defensive back Jason Allen is flying under the radar screen.  Had an injury not ended his season in October scouts felt Allen was playing good enough to be a top 20-selection.

The feeling in Indianapolis is Devin Hester 's ultimate pro-position will be wide receiver.

Add John McCargo of North Carolina State to the list of players that have turned in impressive interviews.

The word going around is that sources from the Syracuse football program have told NFL-people that James Wyche is not a trustworthy person.

Scouts were a little more then ticked off that USC tight end Dominique Byrd did not work out at the combine considering he told teams during interviews he would complete the entire workout here.

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