A conversation with Santonio Holmes

Many a mock draft has penciled in Santonio Holmes in a San Diego Chargers jersey. The thinking is they need to add another weapon to the offense for Philip Rivers.

What has the NFL Combine experience been like for you?

Santonio Holmes: It's a little tiring having to get up so early. It's a great experience. I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of coaches from different teams.

Because there have been so many Ohio State receivers taken high, do you think it's an advantage to you that all eyes will be on you?

Santonio Holmes: That was my reason for going to Ohio State - to be one of those top guys chosen and be in the class of receivers that have played there. I really wanted to be a part of that tradition.

What do you have to prove to sell teams on where you want to be in the draft?

Santonio Holmes: Pretty much my attitude, the way I carry myself around here. Also, I have to run a good time for those guys and show how fast I am.

How would you describe yourself as a wide receiver?

Santonio Holmes: All-around playmaker, one of the best wide receivers possibly in the game right now. Looking at all the things I've accomplished - the way I play on the field, the way I block, carry myself, leadership, all the ability to be a great wide receiver.

How have you grown as a wide receiver between the time you got to Ohio State and now?

Santonio Holmes: There were a lot of things I had to work on as far as learning the whole offense, by learning how to play against guys who were faster on the defensive side of the ball, become more of a complete team player and not have the spotlight on myself and help young guys grow to be better players for the team.

Did you have a role-model receiver growing up?

Santonio Holmes: It always has been Jerry Rice. He wasn't the fastest guy ever. He's the type of guy that wouldn't let anybody outwork him. The guy that works the hardest gets the job done.

Are you tired of hearing you're not fast enough?

Santonio Holmes: Not at all, because I've proven I haven't been able to be caught from behind once I break free. That's something I'm not really worried about.

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