TFY Draft chat transcript on 2006 NFL Draft

On Tuesday, Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preview joined the contingent to answer their questions on the NFL Draft. Here is the transcript of the proceedings in its raw form.

DenisSavage: Tony is going to be at Radio City Music Hall for the Draft, by the way.

DenisSavage: Also, watch Best Damn Sports Show this week where they will pump up his rankings on air!

TFYDraft: howdy Chargettes....

DenisSavage: Tony, welcome to the chat.

Mondaymorningquarterback: has Ferguson, Justice, McNeill, Winston, Colledge, Trueblood, Sott, O'callaghan, Wimper, Whitworth, Evans, McQuistan, Toledo and Boothe listed as ttheir top tackles and in that order.

TFYDraft: McNeill is dropping like a rock as is Scott...Boothe will play G in the NFL

Trublu: Which philosophy should apply for SD this year, needs or "best athlete?"

TFYDraft: really depends on who is available...I always like BPA but if Manny Lawson and Tye Hill are both available @19 I go Hill even though Lawson was higher rated

charger13: If a train leaves Chicago at 7 p.m. going 60 miles an hour heading west, and at the same time, another train leaves San Diego heading North East going 72.4 miles an hour, are we going to draft a lineman or a defensive back????????

TFYDraft: if it is an Amtrak train it is probably 65 minutes late....hence a defensive back

Trublu: would you agree with this order of needs? 1) OL, 2) DB, 3) 3rd string QB, 4) WR

TFYDraft: I think OL/DB are interchangable....speed @WR is also a need

yantha: Which OT's, regardles of projected round do you believe have the ability to start in the near future?

TFYDraft: yantha- Ferguson, Justice, Winston when he gets healthy..McNeill is healthy as well

charger1joe: which RT prospect do you prefer: Whitworth or Trueblood?

TFYDraft: chargerjoe...depending on the system Trueblood.

bolt38: what is your take on Zemaitis and what CB fits this scheme best opposite Jammer?

TFYDraft: bolt38....I like Zemaitis and think he has first round talent but made some poor decisions in the off-season not playing at the Senior Bowl or working out at the combine....I don't necessarily think there is a good fit next to Jammer rather a player like Hill, Jennings or Richard Marshall are solid system fits

Mondaymorningquarterback: Which of the offensive tackles project as left tackles in the NFL and who do the Chargers look like they're leaning towards?

TFYDraft: MMQB- Eric Winston

messageboarduser: what guards if any are the chargers keeping a real close eye on, and what round would they most likely pick one up?

TFYDraft: messageboarduser...Charles Spencer in round two who could eventually develop into a LT after starting at guard

Mondaymorningquarterback: Are the Chargers looking at cornerback or offensive tackle at 19? Do you see them trading up or down from 19?

TFYDraft: MMQB- I think they'd like a CB as that is where the best talent will be

Boltensen: Any late round speed wide receivers that could turn into nice deep threats?

TFYDraft: Boltsen..the one area this receiver class is really lacking is speed...after Moss it is downhill...consider Vernon Davis runs fast @253 pounds then 95% of the WR's in this draft

yantha: Cromartie vs. Winston.. Who wins?

TFYDraft: depends...both come off injuries...were they both healthy and at the top of their games in 2005, even though Cromartie did not play, both are justifiably top 12 picks

55bolt: any middle round LB's around that can play on the inside of the 3-4?

TFYDraft: 55bolt: Tim McGarigle N'western

Mondaymorningquarterback: Are the Chargers going to continue to look at tall cornerbacks, as opposed to small, but quick, cornerbacks? It seems that with Sammy Davis gone and Fletcher yet to resign, that cornerback has become an urgent need.

TFYDraft: MMQB...I think they want corners who can cover- period....then again Hill is a short, quick corner

Mondaymorningquarterback: Is Cromartie seen as a nickel back by the Chargers, or is he projected to supplant Florence?

TFYDraft:'ll be open competition; I don't think there are any designs yet on players they haven't drafted

jetranger: You had Cromartie slipping to 30 in the first round - does he fall that far?

TFYDraft: jetranger- it all depends on how teams read the MRI on his knee...there are a lot of CB's available to teams late in round one will try and grab OLB's/RB's/OL then go for the CB's later

charger1joe: Which hard hitting SS do you prefer? Bing or Blue?

TFYDraft: chargerjoe...Bing

Mondaymorningquarterback: Is there talk about the Chargers trading down in round 1 to pick up additional picks?

TFYDraft: MMQB...the majority of the teams want to move down in round one and pick up extra choices as the draft is deep..I have not heard that about the Chargers specifically, though it would not surprise me

DenisSavage: Tony, what can you tell us about Tony Moll, an offensive lineman that came in for a private visit?

TFYDraft: Denis...he's got a great first name- that's about it

yantha: OT, LB and CB are said to be deep in this draft. What kind of talent will we find in the third round? Especially OT. Will Jonathan Scott slip into our hands in the third round?

TFYDraft: yantha- Scott could fall out of the first day...we've posted several reports about how he's being labeled as a lazy slob....he ran a 5.35 at the combine, did not work out afterwards and did only 18-reps on the bench during his pro day...teams have really been turned off by his attitude

jetranger: Who are the risers in the draft?

TFYDraft: jetranger....Daniel Manning/S, Kellen Clemens/QB, Sinorice Moss/WR

Mondaymorningquarterback: I loved watching Taitusi Latui at USC, who's interested in his services in the NFL?

TFYDraft: MMQB...Lutui will go somewhere in the middle of round two, possibly Baltimore depending on what they do in the first

yantha: I really like OT Paul McQuistan. Which round do you see him land?

TFYDraft: yantha...McQuestran is a solid prospect but needs work and must improve his strength...early part of day two

yantha: Is Max Jean-Gilles the "Jonathan Scott" of OG's?

TFYDraft: yantha- no; Jean-Gilles actually worked hoard in the post-season and lost weight between the combine and his pro-day.

Boltensen: Any sleeper Nose tackles that could be good two years from now?

TFYDraft: Steve Fifita/Utah...Brandon McKinney of Mich St if he gets into shape

55Bolt: Round six/seven development QBs? Any worth a look?

TFYDraft: Ingle Martin/Furman

yantha: Which round will the chargers pull the trigger on a QB?

TFYDraft: yantha...late second day

charger1joe: Is Mangold truly the best C prospect since Kevin Mawae? What about the questions concerning Jimmy Williams character. Smoke and mirrors or real troubling character issues?

TFYDraft: chargetjoe....Mangold is solid; remember- Mawae was a second round pick in '94. there are several concerns with Williams...character and can he play CB in the NFL (which I don't think he can...he's a FS)

charger1joe: There's been speculation that he's unwilling to switch to FS. Any truth to those rumors?

TFYDraft: chargerjoe...I have not heard anything specific

jetranger: Talk about Philip Rivers for us and what you saw scouting him a few years back

TFYDraft: jetranger....Rivers was an extremely accurate playmaker in college...he doesn't have a huge arm but made all the right choices...I was not sold on him until Senior Bowl week of '04 when he was outstanding...I think he's a lot like Brees, short, accurate control passer

Mondaymorningquarterback: How do you feel about the Chargers acquisitions of Shea, Woods and McCree? Will McCree play free or strong safety?

TFYDraft: MMQB...McCree is a SS, not free...Wood has talent but must get his mind right...a change of scenery was needed.

messageboarduser: what do the chargers think about davin joseph?

DenisSavage: Davin is one of my favorite players - a great interview, at the very least.

Mondaymorningquarterback: Messageboarduser-I believe Joseph would be a nice fit in San Diego.

TruBlu: If "best athlete," would you take a WR, OL, or DB with the first pick?

TFYDraft: DB- the WR's are likely to be off the board and the DBs will be better BPA's

yantha: Is Daryn Colledge a LEFT or RIGHT tackle prospect?

TFYDraft: yantha...Colledge is a LT or guard prospect

EastCoastJoe: I look forward to seeing the show Friday on comcast...Someone will surprisingly drop down to SD at #19, who do you think that could be?

TFYDraft: EastCoastJoe...possibly Winston Justice

Bolt38: Any D-II players worth a look?

TFYDraft: Brett Elliot of Linfield

charger1joe: Another heavily debated offensive prospect is Marcus McNeil. Where do you rate him and where do you see him selected?

TFYDraft: chargerjoe...physically McNeill grades out as an early pick but he has major back problems which will push him into round two..the back problems are debilitating

jetranger: Who is the one player in this draft you would stay away from at all costs?

messageboarduser: my money is on vick

yantha: Marcus Vick

TFYDraft: jetranger..Lendale White and Marcus Vick

messageboarduser: why lendale?

TFYDraft: messageboaruser...even his teammates at SC shrug their shoulders when asked about him

TFYDraft: messageboarduser...he's a cancer.

messageboarduser: hmmm...didn't know he was a cancer, I figured it was his "work ethic"

messageboarduser: was he that way because he was pissed of being in bush's shadow?

TFYDraft:'s because he is lazy

DenisSavage: What do you think of Domenik Hixon, another kid who had a private visit?

TFYDraft: DenisSavage...solid, not spectacular WO...number #4 receiver at the next level who must make it on special teams

Mondaymorningquarterback: Why did the Chargers seemingly stay away from all the popular, perhaps pricey, free agents. They had a lot of cap room to spend if they wanted to. Will the Chargers be major players later this off-season, or not?

TFYDraft: MMQB...there were no top FA's that fit needs, though I'd thought they take closer inspection of the CB's. I was surprised they did not land a solid CB in FA

timepiece33: TFY ... do you think Chad Greenway can play ILB for the Chargers? What do you think of Eric Winston?

TFYDraft: timepiece...I think Greenway is best as a 4-3 OLB....I like Winston but he needs to get back to full health, something he was not last year.

timepiece33: Do you think Chad can play the weakside inside linebacker in a 3-4?

TFYDraft: timepiece....possibly, but you'll be taking away parts of his gamer

jetranger: Anything on Chase Page from UNC?

TFYDraft: jetranger....adequate camp player

yantha: Will the Chargers make some considerations on picking a 3-4 DE?

TFYDraft: Phillips..Possibly...Lacasse in round three is a solid fit as would be Kudla of Ohio St

Bolt38: Who is the best blocking tight end out there?

TFYDraft: late rounders/FA like Quinn Sypniewski of Colorado and Jason Pociak of Wisconsin...I also like Jeff King of Va Tech who'll be a solid middle round choice

timepiece33: Do you think any 2nd round CB's are as good as Tye Hill and Antonio Cromartie? I like Zemaitis and Griffin a lot

TFYDraft: good as Hill? No way, but guys like C. Gordon are solid players.

timepiece33: Do you think Hill and Cromartie are good value at #19?

TFYDraft: timepiece....Hill is the most underrated CB in this draft so yes...ditto for Cromartie who could turn out to be the best CB in this draft down the road

jetranger: Who is the best pulling guard out there?

TFYDraft: jetranger...not a lot of good guards in motion..the best would be Greg Eslinger, though he's a center

charger1joe: Is Jason Allen a red flag in Rd1 considering his injury?

TFYDraft: chargerjoe...I've heard mixed reports from both sides- some teams have taken him off their board while others feel it is no problem...we hope to have most of the injury news tomorrow

yantha: Since the chargers have added TWO safeties via FA, are they set?

TFYDraft: yantha- I think if a good coverage safety was available late they'd look in that direction

yantha: Most Charger fans have ignored Santonio Holmes as an option for the Chargers. Do you share our view on him. Is he not a "fit".

TFYDraft: yantha- he probably will be selected before the 19th pick and again, they need more of a field stretcher

charger1joe: Are Chad Jackson and Santonio Holmes worthy of top 20 selections in most drafts? Or are they selected that high simply because this is a 'weak year' for WRs?

TFYDraft: chargerjoe...solid question...I think in most drafts both are late first rounders but because the talent at WR is so weak they will go earlier...ditto for Sinorice Moss

timepiece33: Who are the best non first round LT prospects?

TFYDraft: timepiece....Guy Whimper/East Carolina....Michael Toudouze/TCU

jetranger: Did you think Luis Castillo would be as good as he was?

TFYDraft: jetranger...yes; he was a good prospect

yantha: Is Donte Whitner more of a safety or can he also play CB in the pros?

TFYDraft: yanta..FS

timepiece33: Any thoughts on McQuistan and Toledo?

TFYDraft: timepiece....Toledo is moving up boards and could go late in the second...solid prospect with great I said earlier McQuestran is a solid pass protector who must improve his playing strength.

timepiece33: So are they both 2nd rounders?

TFYDraft:; Toledo could sniff round two but likely a third...McQuestean is a second day guy

yantha: I have read that WHIMPER is projected to RIGHT tackle. True?

TFYDraft: yantha...teams also have him at LT..former tight end and very athletic

jetranger: What do you think of Barry Cofield?

TFYDraft: jetranger....lesser version of athletic but half the intensity

timepiece33: Who are the best NT's in the draft?

TFYDraft: timepiece...Bunkley, Watson

timepiece33: Outside of rounds 1 and 2?

TFYDraft: timepiece...Steve Fifta

Timepiece33: One more question ... who do you think SD will draft in the first day? Three names

TFYDraft: timepiece...last one....Tye Hill, Charles Spencer...

TFYDraft: and

TFYDraft: that's Chester

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