Chargers find ultimate worker in Clary

Jeromey Clary has a busy life. Drafted in the sixth round on Sunday by the San Diego Chargers, training camp looms, getting married this summer – but don't expect him to miss any time honing his skills.

With 37 consecutive starts under his belt, Jeromey Clary became the model of excellence on the Kansas State offensive line.

It has helped that his entire family supports his trade – they have been to every single game in his collegiate career, home and away.

He learned how the NFL practice schedule is run from his experience in the East-West Shrine game, getting a small course in NFL terminology and the different nuances of the pro game.

Having played the game since he was five years old, Clary lists Larry Allen amongst his favorite players.

But now he is ready to chart his own course in the NFL. His goal is to dive into the offense and gain a full understanding of it for the 2006 season. As a sixth round pick, he does not want to be just filler.

"I think that in a few months after training camp, I think I'll be more than ready," Clary said. "I adapted fairly well coming out of high school into college -- and that's no comparison from college to the NFL -- but I feel like I'm an adaptive player and I can learn offenses pretty well and I can adjust to the speed at a given time. And I believe that I'll be able to reach that caliber of a play fairly quickly."

Clary has experience in aiding the running attack – Kansas State has long been considered a powerhouse with their ground game. And he was a blocker for Darren Sproles during his amazing run a few short years ago.

At the same time, Clary believes his pass blocking skills are more than adequate.

"I came from a powerful offensive scheme that enjoyed running the ball. But I still believe I'm a decent pass blocker," he said.

And getting to learn from Jack Henry will be ideal for his growth.

Clary is a rare breed and plays right into the Chargers thinking when they select a prospect. He possesses the work ethic that would make Marty Schottenheimer proud and it is one of the main reasons that the Bolts tabbed him in the sixth.

"There are two quotes that I live by. The first is, "Nobody works harder then me today, nobody." And the other one is "You only get out of life what you put into it." And I'm a firm believer of that, and I live every aspect of my life by those two quotes."

The Chargers expect nothing less.

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