Chargers sign 15 undrafted free agents

The Chargers have agreed to terms with 15 undrafted rookies. All agreed to two-year contracts. The list includes one quarterback, two running backs, one fullback, three wide receivers, two offensive linemen, three defensive linemen and three cornerbacks.

Wide Receivers:

Sean Coffey - Missouri
Robert Ortiz - San Diego State
Mark Simmons - Kansas


Brett Elliott - Linfield


Cletis Gordon - Jackson State
Steve Gregory - Syracuse
Anthony Mims - West Virginia

Running backs:

Tyronne Gross - Eastern Oregon
Bryson Sumlin - Fresno State
Shawn Willis (FB) - Oklahoma State

Defensive Linemen:

Patrick Massey (DE) - Michigan
Brandon McKinney (DT) - Michigan State
Alvin Smith (DT) - Oregon State

Offensive linemen:

Nick Mihlhauser (C) - Washington State
Jason Murphy (OG) - Virginia Tech

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