Charlie Whitehurst Q&A

Charlie Whitehurst was considered a surprise pick by some when he was taken in the third round by the San Diego Chargers. In the NFL, however, you need to breed starters and Whitehurst is confident in his abilities.

What kind of player are you?

Charlie Whitehurst: I'm not a real shifty runner but I think I'm a guy that can make all the throws, sit in the pocket, get first downs and win football games.

Was it your father who instilled a good work ethic in you?

Charlie Whitehurst: Oh yeah, for sure. It always seemed like at an early age I was out there throwing the football in the street with him and I learned a lot from it.

What did teams ask you about in regards to your 2003 season?

Charlie Whitehurst: I think there was definitely a real good year there (Clemson) in '03 and a pretty good season this year. The '04 season was not as good. It's just a matter of why. I think that we were just not a very good football team and my stats reflected that. I definitely didn't make good decisions along the way but it was all from trying to make plays. We had to because we had to because we were third-and-10 and you try to fit a ball in there. It didn't look good but it was what it was. I'm glad this past season was better than that one.

When did you have surgery?

Charlie Whitehurst: I had surgery after the last regular-season game. I played in the bowl game three and a half weeks later and I was able to play in that game.

You had a pretty good week at the senior bowl.

Charlie Whitehurst: They were feeling good about me, it was just frustrating because the setting there is for quarterbacks to really shine. And if I had been at 100 percent, I feel like I could have come out of there looking as good as anybody and that was frustrating.

What can you bring to San Diego?

Charlie Whitehurst: I feel like I can win football games. My physicals tools, I think, are up there at the top when I'm healthy and then I compete and love to win so I think I bring wins.

What is a trait that people don't know about you?

Charlie Whitehurst: I think I'm a better athlete than they think I am. We'll see, I guess, on Sunday how fast I am. I think I'm a better athlete then most people give me credit for.

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