Possible June 1 Cuts

Scout.com takes a look at players who might be released on June first, as teams look to spread out the salary cap hits of cutting high-priced veterans. While the players released in recent years may have failed to include a lot of big names, some players helpful to NFL clubs may very well get released this year. Here's a look at who may be on the chopping block...

One of the dates that the league and fans look to every year is June 1. In the past, that was the date when teams could release a player and put a portion of the salary cap hit in to next year's cap.

Because of the new collective bargaining agreement, things have changed.

According to the NFLPA, before the new league year starts in March, teams can choose up to two players each year who may be released before June 1 to sign with another team, but whose salary cap amount is still carried with the team until June 1 (such salary cap amount shall not reflect any renegotiation of the player's contract that occurred after the last regular season game prior to last season).

By releasing the players early so they can latch on to another club, the original team is rewarded by spreading out the remaining accelerated signing bonus to next year's cap.  So they only get charged for one season of the remaining bonus - not the entire bonus acceleration in the current season.

Because so many teams made moves earlier this year and because the salary cap has increased, the June 1 cut down date probably will be anticlimactic.

While there's a good chance you won't see any big name players released in early June, here is scout.com's list of possible salary cuts:

Running Back

Marcel Shipp / Arizona Cardinals / Base salary-$1.425 million (final year of his contract) - That's a lot of money for a player whose play as deteriorated in recent years and who isn't certain to win the No.2 job.

Lee Suggs / Cleveland Browns / Base salary-$950,000 - While there hasn't been an indication that his job is in jeopardy, RB William Green is ahead of Suggs on the depth chart and the team selected RB Jerome Harrison in April's draft. If Suggs isn't released, he could be dealt some time during training camp to a team that loses a back due to injury.

Wide Receiver

David Patten / Washington Redskins / Base salary-$1.085 million - Patten doesn't figure to be any better than the Redskins' fourth receiver, so his salary seems quite high for player in that role.

Defensive Line

Paul Grasmanis (DT) / Philadelphia Eagles / Base salary-$710,000 (final year of his contract) - The Eagles don't usually release players post June 1 because they're usually in great cap shape, They're in solid cap shape again, so they don't need to make a move. However, it should be noted Grasmanis hasn't contributed much over the past three years mostly due to injury. He's projected to be no better than number five on the depth chart--that is if he beats out fellow veteran DT Ed Jasper. The team would be doing Gramanis a favor of releasing him in early June so he could hook up with another team.

Bobby Hamilton (DE) / Oakland Raiders / Base salary-$1.335 million - The veteran end is probably a better fit for a 3-4 scheme and the team went back to using four down linemen last season. Hamilton is also slated to be a backup this season and his salary is high for a player in his role.


Courtney Watson (MLB) / New Orleans Saints / Base salary-$425,000 - He would have been traded to Miami had the deal not been voided due to LB Eddie Moore flunking the Saints' physical. Watson has been a big disappointment for the club since being selected in the second round of the 2004 draft.

Kailee Wong (OLB) / Houston Texans / Base salary-$2,000,000 - He's still coming back from knee surgery and may not be ready for the start of the regular season. Wong is also on the hook for over $10.5 million over the next four seasons.

Defensive Back

Mark Roman (SS) / Green Bay Packers / Base salary-$800,000 - He was competing against free agent signee Marquand Manuel during their most recent mini-camp so he could stick but Roman's play since he signed with Green Bay prior to the 2004 season has been inconsistent at best.

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