Brees discusses his progress

Drew Brees is in New Orleans but Chargers fans may be interested in the progress he has made this off-season after the Bolts decided not to put the full-court press to retain him. He spoke to the media about that progress on Friday.

Can you discuss how you feel at this point?

Drew Brees: "I feel great. Obviously I'm taking it easy and today was my first real day to do what we call routes vs. air. Yes, just to get some timing down. Obviously I'm not throwing very hard. I'm just kind of flicking it, throwing it firm, but not overdo it, a lot of the short and intermediate routes, just to get a sense of the timing with those guys and anticipation."

Is it hard to hold yourself back?

Drew Brees: "That's why I'm not doing any of the team drills right now, because that's when you stop thinking about everything else physical and you just go and play and react and I'm afraid that I'd get out there and try to hose one in there when I'm not supposed to. Not like it would hurt me, but probably not the smartest thing." You say that you are ahead of schedule and we've been reading and hearing it?Do you still feel the same way?

Drew Brees: "Yes, definitely. When I first kind of got the whole prognosis and protocol for my off-season rehab and everything else in January, they said that as long as you're ready for training camp...To be able to participate here on June 2, that's where I wanted to be, but far ahead of maybe the normal protocol would be."

Does it hurt not being on the field when you are trying to learn the playbook?

Drew Brees: "That's why I try to participate in every walk through and obviously you see me run the run periods, so I am in there, calling plays, looking those guys in the eye in the huddle and even what coach has to say and just relaying that and learning and getting timing down and everything, so I am participating and getting mental reps during those team periods when I can't get them in, just kind of going through the reads in my head, evaluating every play as if I was actually in there."

What sort of limits are you and your doctors putting on how far you can throw and how many times you can throw?

Drew Brees: "At this point, it's a feel thing. How does it feel, listen to your body and I'm up to 35 yards now and it feels great, just taking it slow, being smart, really when do I really need to be ready, by September the 10th, but obviously there's training camp and there's this minicamp, where I'd like to be able to get reps and start to develop a rapport with these receivers."

Do you plan on doing the same thing all five practices in a row this weekend?

Drew Brees: "No, I'm not going twice a day. I'm going to just throw in the morning. Afternoons just do running (game) stuff."

Can you discuss being able to work with both Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush?

Drew Brees: "Not a bad one-two punch, huh?

Yes, those guys are, getting a chance to watch them and see how it's all going to come together right now is pretty exciting."

Is it interesting how Sean Payton has said he is going to move the skill players on offense around?

Drew Brees: "We got a lot of weapons and obviously, Sean and his ability to mix and match and move guys around, you create matchups this way and you keep a defense off balance. As an offense, you always want to be the one to set the tempo for the defense. We feel like we're getting to that point. We're going to try to get them to worry about us, not us worry about them."

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