Chargers want a win on Saturday

Don't think for a minute that head coach Marty Schottenheimer wants anything less than a win on Saturday when his San Diego Chargers face the Green Bay Packers.

Evaluation and development are certainly part of the equation, but nothing is paramount to being on the winning side when the final whistle blows.

Schottenheimer has a laundry list of things to look at it. It begins with Philip Rivers who will make his first start of his career. It continues with the left tackle position and moves on to its conclusion when the rookies and undrafted free agents.

That is the sidebar for the coach. Schottenheimer and his staff understand the evaluation process but after flopping last season in what many called the best team not to make the playoffs, the head man would love to begin this year, and Rivers' career off on a winning note.

Not only would it add a semblance of confidence, albeit a small one versus the season standings, it is a game they would be favored to win. The Packers are a team that has seen the glory days pass them by and while Brett Favre remains a threat, he is not the quarterback of yesteryear.

"I want to win a football game," Schottenheimer said flatly. "You have to win. Winning is what we are all about. It is an opportunity for us to get started in the right direction."

"You play every game to win," quarterback Philip Rivers agreed. "I am looking forward to it."

And the Chargers don't want to be lulled into believing it is "ok" to lose. As much as they have bantered on this team making the Super Bowl, it begins this weekend.

Losing is an easy habit to fall into. The preseason is certainly a time to iron out the kinks in a whittled down playbook but it is also a time to put the stamp on what officially is the return of football.

Execution is a word that Schottenheimer loves. He expects it in every aspect of the game and wants to see it coupled with efficiency. Penalties have to be eliminated. Throws have to be precise. Assignments must be adhered to. Meeting his goals will equal a victory.

This won't however, be a team laying down in front of them. Much like the Chargers, Green Bay wishes to exert its will in the form of a win.

"Winning is the most important," Packer head coach Mike McCarthy said. "That's what our business is all about. We say it over and over again: ‘No excuses.' If you put on our uniform, you have an accountability to produce, prepare and perform. That's a mindset that we must always have."

One team will be able to say they accomplished their goal at the end of this affair and the other will have to scramble to get back on top in an effort to set the tone for the regular season.

Lightning Quicks:

Eric Parker will not play this weekend with a thumb strain. Kassim Osgood, Vincent Jackson and Malcom Floyd will see time in his place.

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