How good Dave has Binn

The Chargers have a lot of star players, but David Binn isn't one of them. You won't see him during any post-game press conferences. He doesn't garner excessive media attention. He just continues to play under the radar, which is perhaps his best attribute. No one notices the long snapper until he does something wrong.

Binn is the personification of dependability. For the last twelve years he has delivered consistently perfect snaps with a rare combination of accuracy and velocity. In this, his thirteenth season, Binn should set the franchise record for most games played as a Charger.

"I try not to think about it too much," Binn said. "When it happens, if it happens, then it's going to be great. It's like two or three careers rolled into one."

To be sure, Binn's lengthy tenure in the league is an asset to his teammates. He is the last remaining member of the 1994 squad that advanced all the way to the Super Bowl.

"Having someone like Dave to go to, talk to and ask questions to, and to just have around helps out so much," said Mike Scifres, who catches Binn's snaps not only as a punter but as a holder on place kicks, too. "It's so much more relaxing knowing that you've got someone that's been to the Super Bowl and been around the block."

While long snappers don't receive many individual accolades, their efforts are directly responsible for success of the specialists who play behind them. Last season, Scifres was a second-alternate to the Pro Bowl while kicker Nate Kaeding connected on over 87 percent of his field goal attempts.

Kaeding said that working with Binn makes his job "one-hundred-million times easier." He also added: "It's great to have someone as reliable as him because you don't have to think about the snap at all."

Binn has been so reliable, in fact, that he can't even remember his last bad snap.

"No, I can't say that I do," admitted Binn. "I know I had one a little bit high to Mike (Scifres)."

Scifres, however, has no complaints.

"He makes it easy," Scifres said. "It's his thirteenth year and he has no recollection of his last errant snap. That speaks volumes of his work. He makes my job easier as a holder as well, getting down and having so much confidence that the ball is going to be right there every time."

In an era where players like Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson dominate the media they manipulate so well, Binn plays on unnoticed. That not only makes him one of the most underrated players in the league, but one of the most successful as well.

No one notices the long snapper until he messes up. But hopefully, during week 11 when he sets the games-played record, fans will show Binn some appreciation. He may never stand out enough to be a star, but that's only because he's so damn good.

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