Floyd ready for the Ravens

The upcoming Chargers-Ravens game is being touted as a battle of the stars. Big names like LaDainian Tomlinson, Shawne Merriman, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed have dominated the headlines. But will any of those difference-makers actually make a difference in the final score?

In games featuring so much high-profile talent, big-name players often cancel each other out. When that happens, the outcome is typically decided by a little known player stepping up and making big-time plays. This week, that player may be Malcom Floyd.

Floyd is in his third year with the Chargers, although he spent the majority of the first two on the practice squad. Although plagued by minor injuries early in his career, he is healthy now and ready to capitalize on his immense talents. He could get that chance this week as he is working as the primary backup to Eric Parker.

"I just want to contribute," Floyd said. "Whether it's on offense or special teams, I just love to contribute. I'm looking forward to the Ravens game. I know they have a great defense, but I'm comfortable with our game plan."

Floyd's contributions have been modest thus far, as he has but one reception for nine yards on the season. He will have a chance to add to those numbers in Baltimore, as the Ravens cornerbacks can be had for some big plays. Chris McAlister and Samari Rolle are no doubt great defenders, but they are also risk-takers, meaning they can be taken advantage of by a disciplined route-runner.

Another reason Floyd is due for a breakout is his outstanding chemistry with Philip Rivers. The two came into the league together and spent their rookie seasons working together on the scout team. Later that season, Rivers would throw his first career touchdown pass to none other than Floyd.

The two just missed on what appeared to be a sure touchdown during the Titans game and will be looking to make amends this week.

"He missed me on that one," said Floyd of the miss against the Titans. "There were times when I messed up, too. It's alright because we won the game."

Another huge advantage for Floyd is that the Chargers are coming off a bye week. Because the grind of the season has yet to grow too intolerable, players used the extra time to prepare for the Ravens rather than to get away from the game.

Floyd used the week to get in some extra film study and feels he is ready to have a difference-making performance this week. And anyone who saw the way he performed throughout training camp knows he is fully capable of doing exactly that.

"I'm trying to be aware of what they do best," he said. "They have one of the best defenses in the league. It's going to be a challenge, but I think we're ready for it."

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