Lightning Quicks: Run, pass and score

Running the ball, scoring and involving their best playmakers is the plan for the San Diego Chargers offense. The team can't look back on the loss they suffered in Baltimore and must come out focused against a Pittsburgh team that rarely loses in October.

  • LaDainian Tomlinson said getting the running game humming against the Steelers is key.

    "That is a point of emphasis every week," said Tomlinson, who missed his second 100-yard game by 2 yards last week. "When you are playing teams like this, if we can establish the run game early, it is going to make it a lot easier on our offense, period. If we can't run the football then obviously it is going to make it tough on our offense.

    "Against good teams, you cant win with 13 points, period. You just can't do it. So if we don't score more than 13 points we probably won't win the game."

  • Antonio Gates is preaching patience when people bring up his numbers: 10 catches for 122 yards and one touchdown. He also said it's important the Chargers don't repeat the lessons they absorbed in Sunday's crushing defeat.

    "You have to able to learn from the loss and a win," he said. "Hopefully, you want to learn from things you do correctly, but some time the more pain, the more you look at it. We understand we had a chance to win that football game and we didn't do it. Ultimately you got to look at yourself. As long as we all take that approach, I think we'll go into the next game with a clear mind and be ready to play Pittsburgh."

  • Terrence Kiel, who pleaded not guilty to five felony drug charges on Tuesday, was back running with the first string on Wednesday.

    "It feels good to be running around," he said. "It's always been a blessing to play football, for me it has. Any time I can get out there on the field I think you should take advantage of it."

  • Schottenheimer said playing the Steelers right after the Ravens may give the Chargers a slight edge as they in some ways mimic each other; both employ a 3-4 scheme.

    "There are a lot of similarities there," he said. "(The Steelers) play more zone coverage than maybe in recent years but they are coming from everywhere." The 11th-ranked Steelers defense has 10 sacks.

  • A pair of the elite defensive tackles will be on display with the Chargers' Jamal Williams and the Steelers' Casey Hampton. "You may see the two best nose tackles in football in this ball game Sunday night," Schottenheimer said.
  • Philip Rivers said the Chargers are in big trouble if they let Sunday's loss carry over.

    "If we let that one affect this one, with this team coming in here. We'll say 'what happened after a quarter' and that is the fact of the matter."

  • Bill Cowher's teams love October. The Steelers under Cowher are 39-14 in October, by far his best month.

    "I don't look at the past years to see what any month is going to bring or any year is going to bring," Cowher said. "The biggest thing is the players not to get caught up in looking at Baltimore or what Cincinnati's doing. We've just got to get better as a football team."

  • The first five weeks of the Steelers schedule has been anything but normal. They opened on Thursday night at home, followed with a Monday night game, finally played a 1 p.m. game at home, had their bye week and now travel to the West Coast for a Sunday night game.

    "It doesn't feel like we've actually had a real season yet," QB Ben Roethlisberger said. "We've only played one Sunday afternoon game. But it's fun to play those primetime games. I don't mind those either."

  • The Steelers are the least penalized team in the league with six penalties for 60 yards after three games.

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