The roar heard around Murphy Canyon

The San Diego Chargers Murphy Canyon facility is often a quiet place where the team prepares in earnest for their next opponent. It wasn't so quiet on Wednesday.

It was a rumble that turned into a roar, courtesy of coach Marty Schottenheimer.

The Chargers were done with Wednesday's practice -- the most important practice of any week -- with their thoughts during to Sunday's game with the San Francisco 49ers.

It's a game the Chargers should breeze through. They are coming off a big win over the world champions Steelers and the 49ers are, well, the 49ers -- winners of five games in 21 attempts.

Apparently the Chargers players were thinking the same thing and their effort in the practice revealed just that.

Schottenheimer laid into the players like a drill instructor working over new recruits. He yelled, he cursed, he shook his body in a demonstrative way.

The players took notice. Or at least they said they did. One won't know, really, until early Sunday evening when the Chargers are either smiling with a 5-1 record or have their chins on their chests at 4-2.

Running back LaDainian Tomlinson knows Schottenheimer's meltdown wasn't just for show. He's been on too many Chargers teams that started fast then had their nose pressed against the outside of the postseason window come January.

"We got to be focused on our opponent and just make sure that we are ready to play. We can't overlook anybody we got to really concentrate, like Marty said, each game and that is very important."

Easily said, not so easily done.

The Chargers have been the toast of the town -- and around NFL circles -- for their stunning comeback before a national TV audience in defeating the Steelers. The back slaps have been numerous. Everyone has picked the Chargers again as being among the serious AFC contenders to reach the Super Bowl.

So Schottenheimer was trying to bring them down to earth. And if had to blow a gasket to get his point across, so be it.

Tomlinson has heard Mt. Marty erupt before. So have some of the other tenured Chargers. So possibly Schottenheimer was trying to get the message out to the fresh Chargers.

"Most of us veteran guys have been here long enough to know that," Tomlinson said of Schottenheimer's theme. "And so hopefully it carries over to some of our young guys."

In reality, the Chargers' guys should have little problem with the 49ers' guys. But Schottenheimer, and many of the key players, have been around the NFL to know anything can happen.

Even a 10-point home underdog like the 49ers upending a team which many predict will be a party to the Super Bowl.

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