Chargers winning ways at home continue

The goal is 8-0. That is what the San Diego Chargers hope to accomplish. And if they can split on the road...

The Chargers are home again Sunday, and they are eager to keep winning at Qualcomm Stadium.

After disposing of the visiting Rams on Sunday, the Chargers next host the Browns. The Chargers are 3-0 at home for the first time since 2002.

"We recognize the significance of winning games at home," coach Marty Schottenheimer said. "In all my experience in this league, you need to win seven, eight games at home if you want to have an opportunity to be a contending team."

The Chargers' pratfalls at home were among the reasons they missed the playoffs last year. While they were an impressive 5-3 on the road -- in a slate that included five trips three time zones away -- the Chargers could do no better than 4-4 at home.

"That obviously was an issue for us," Schottenheimer said.

So among the team's 10 goals this year is going undefeated at home. There is still much work to do, but so far, so good.

"It's always been a cornerstone of your basic principles we believe in because the math doesn't lie," Schottenheimer said. "If you win six at home and you split on the road, you have 10-6 record, and in most cases that will at least get you a playoff berth. It is something we have always talked about, and it has been a point of emphasis because it is hard to win on the road in this league."

After the Browns, the Chargers don't return home until Thanksgiving weekend when they face the rival Raiders. Despite the Chargers dominating the Raiders in the season opener, the Raiders are coming on of late and will be geared up to end a six-game losing streak to San Diego.

Then the Chargers will entertain the Broncos, Chiefs and Cardinals.

The Chargers have to continue to embrace home cooking to play beyond December. And that will continue to be the point Schottenheimer drives home, especially with the 2-5 Browns coming in on Sunday.

"I don't think you can every minimize the positive impact it has playing at home in front of your fans," Schottenheimer said.

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