Inside the locker room with Scott Mruczkowski

Scott Mruczkowski made his first NFL start on Sunday for the San Diego Chargers, replacing Kris Dielman in the lineup.

A versatile lineman who has practiced at nearly every spot along the frontlines, Scott Mruczkowski had some big shoes to fill on Sunday.

Dielman has been, perhaps, the best lineman for San Diego this year and has been in Pro Bowl consideration. After some early struggles, Mruczkowski seemed to settle down. He ended up performing well in the second half.

"We love running behind Kris and Marcus," said running back LaDainian Tomlinson. "When you bring ina guy that has no experience your gameplan has to change some. You can't do the things you have been doing. He is going against Sapp and that can be tough. Sapp has an ability to agitate young guys. He did to Mooch a little bit. He can agitate a lot of people to be honest with you."

Scott Mruczkowski talked about his first start, feeling comfortable and contributing:

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