Bulletin board fodder

In a corner of the home locker room at Arrowhead Stadium, on the cork wall board next to the entrance to the training room is a small paper sign.

The sign changes every week. But it always says something motivational. This week's message?

"Got to believe 10 will get us in."

So, despite all the Chiefs' insistence they aren't thinking about the playoffs, they're thinking about the playoffs. They're hoping 10 wins will equal a berth, which is to say they're hoping for some help.

They could get some help from the San Diego Chargers, who Kansas City plays on the road this week. San Diego has locked up the division and, though home field in the playoffs and a first-round bye are still attainable, could be searching for some extra motivation, as evidenced by Chargers' running back LaDainian Tomlinson's public objection to the Chiefs calling the Chargers "soft."

The comment, which originated from Tamba Hali, who said after the Chiefs' win earlier this season that the Chargers were not as physical as some other teams on Kansas City' schedule, has created a buzz in both San Diego and Kansas City.

"Well then it's bulletin board material I guess," Chiefs coach Herm Edwards said. "They will be even more fired up and that's good."

No, Herm. No it isn't. Not when your season is on the line and the Chargers are on the verge of getting bored after a 48-20 annihilation of Denver last week.

"They were the best team in football when they came in here and right now they are still the best team in football and rightly so," Edwards said. "They've won seven in a row and they've done a great job of playing football."

The Chiefs need this win to get to eight, next week's game in Oakland to get to nine and a win at home against Jacksonville to get to 10.

They will find inspiration from the loss of Lamar Hunt and they should from a man who touched so many lives.

Even still, they might not be in.

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