Okoji Visiting Iowa This Weekend

Chimso Okoji and his team at Kennedy High School in Silver Spring, Maryland took a team that was winless in recent memory to a great season. With that success, Okoji began seeing plenty of interest. Read more about this up-and-coming recruit, his options, and more in this premium recruiting update.

LB Chimso Okoji plays for Kennedy High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. Entering this season, he and his team had a 26-game losing streak, along with an entirely new coaching staff. Chimso and his teammates ended up 9-1 in the regular season, and 10-2 overall.

"That gets scouts to your school," Okoji said.

What kept the scouts out earlier?

"With the coaching change, there wasn't any junior film," he said. "During the season, we tried to get a highlight tape going. He sent it out at the end of the season. The last two months, it's exploded. It's just really picked up, it's been intense."

Among the schools showing interest was the University of Iowa. Chimso had already seen plenty of the Hawkeyes, two former linebackers in particular.

"I'd always seen them play," Okoji said. "In the summertime, in our off-season program, we'd watch clips of Chad Greenway and Abdul Hodge, just to learn, study film to be better. Coach sent film up to film to Iowa, and they got back to him, because they liked what they saw."

Chimso has been impressed by more than a sales pitch by the Iowa Staff.

"(They're showing me) their knowledge," Okoji said. "Showing me what they can offer at Iowa. How the coaching staff is up there. Just trying to sell the academics as well as the school."

For a kid from Maryland, Iowa may seem like it's all corn and cows, but Okoji has already seen past that, and expects something different on his official visit this weekend.

"I'm expecting a college town," he said. "The college makes up most of the area. Not so much the corn and cows, but a quiet, college town."

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