For Pete's Sake

It is almost reminiscent of Bill Parcells pulling the wedgie on multiple teams under the disguise of retirement – only to see him across town with a rival.

USC head coach Pete Carroll could have come out and said he was not contacted by San Diego or could have chimed in on how he wasn't interested because of his sweet situation with the Trojans.

He decided to do neither, offering a "no comment" through the school and the same utterance of dismissal in person.

"No comment" surely allows for a lot of commenting.

The Chargers came into the off-season as Super Bowl favorites in 2007 and that has to be enticing for Carroll, who arrived at USC in 2000 and has led the Trojans to two National Championships.

The core of the team, centered around a dynamic running back in LaDainian Tomlinson, an ascending quarterback in Philip Rivers and a premier tight end could sway the heartiest of folk.

The defense is no less stellar with "Light's Out" Shawne Merriman, the immovable object Jamal Williams and "The Dancing Bear" Luis Castillo to name a few.

Carroll interviewed for the open Miami Dolphins job in early January – a position that went to former offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.

From 1984 through 1999, Carroll was an NFL staple. He spent time as a defensive backs coach, defensive coordinator and two stints as a head coach, compiling a 33-31 record over four seasons between the New York Jets and New England Patriots.

Since going 6-6 in his inaugural season with USC, he has guided the Trojans to a 48-4 mark and the recruits keep coming – promising more success at the college level.

Under Carroll, USC was the first school in history to sport three Heisman Trophy winners in a span of four years.

But, could the NFL, and more specifically the Chargers, entice him that much where he isn't talking?

A team littered with talent, San Diego is a step away from the ultimate goal and there is no greater viewership than on Super Sunday. Carroll may be the class of college, but being the dear of the NFL is a different level entirely. The Chargers need a name. They are seeking a new stadium. They are coming off a 14-2 season that has fans excited about the future. After losing both of their coordinators, the face of the franchise will be the head coach. There is no spin – the Chargers want it to happen. The question is whether the feeling is mutual.

"No comment," for now.

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