Chargers meet with defensive lineman

The San Diego Chargers are looking for another defensive lineman to add to their rotation. The Bolts preference is to keep their players fresh so they are running on all cylinders in the fourth quarter. San Diego met with a defensive lineman on Saturday night at the NFL Combine in an effort to accomplish the task.

While the starting pair of Igor Olshansky and Luis Castillo is more than competent in their 3-4 scheme, and Jamal Williams is a Pro Bowler, the Bolts are taking time to meet with a 6-foot-2, 299-pound lineman.

San Diego will entertain Quinn Pitcock tonight, an Ohio State defensive tackle that would switch to end in the Chargers' defense.

Pitcock is seen as a player with immense upside because of his motor, strength, and ability to take on blocks. But there is a sense of him being raw in terms of development.

TFY Draft Preview had this to say of his Senior Bowl week:

"Fired off the ball well, but just could not get off of blocks at times. Obviously strong as a bull and could be starter from day one, just did not flash the talent in which he was billed."

The Chargers also feel like he is a leader on the field and off. He works hard in the film room to understand his opponents and expects his teammates to put in the same work ethic that he possesses.

Pitcock may have notched just 39 tackles on the season but was credited with 12 tackles for a loss and added eight sacks. His ability to play the run and pass is intriguing, but it would take a day one pick to secure his services.

While other teams have their "Mighty Quinn" the Chargers may have found one of their own.

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