NFL Draft Blog Day 7

Rob Curtis has been bringing you the NFL Draft buzz for four straight years and he isn't about to disappoint you now. Who would be a perfect fit for the San Diego Chargers – there are few as in tune as Curtis with how the NFL Draft can bolster San Diego's lineup. Updated Daily!

Sunday, March 18th

After Oklahoma's Adrian Peterson and Cal's Marshawn Lynch, this draft is extremely unimpressive at the RB position. In fact, it might be the worst RB draft since 1992. Penn State RB Tony Hunt is a mid rounder who has some potential. He is a big, physical RB who can wear down a defense and has a competitive streak. He has not tested yet and I have a feeling that his 4.5 speed is an exaggeration. Despite saying this, I feel he can be a useful backup for a team that wants a change of pace to an athletic starter. This 6-foot-1, 240 pounder uses every pound to his advantage.

Saturday, March 17th

Stanford's Trent Edwards came out of Los Gatos, HS as the #2 QB in the nation behind Vince Young. He was the object of a recruiting battle deciding on Stanford over Florida, Michigan, and UCLA. There were huge expectations for the local kid and he disappointed. His transition to major college football was a struggle. It did not help that he struggled with injury after injury and a lack of talent around him. His junior year was his best year. He completed nearly 63% of his passes with 17 TD's. His senior year, Stanford was winless. What he does bring to the table are very good physical skills. Edwards has a plus arm, good athleticism, and accuracy when his mechanics are solid. The problem is he took a beating in college and while he displayed toughness, his mechanics are fouled up. He will be drafted and maybe in the first day, but he is simply a projection based on skills. He would have been better off going to UCLA, Michigan, or Florida.

Friday, March 16th

In Brian Kelly's last year at Central Michigan, he had a DE that was as good as any lineman I saw in the Big 10 this year. Dan Bazuin is a high motor pass rusher who gets a great jump off the ball and can turn the corner in a blink. He might not be a 4.5 guy, but his initial burst is a major plus. This tenacious player is hard to block and is always going 100%. He is not a great run defender, but he plays with leverage and is far from a liability in that area. In my opinion, this kid could play LB in a 3-4. He is comfortable in space and has enough athleticism. I believe he should be selected in round two, but he might drop because he played in a mid-major conference.

Thursday, March 15th

I just watched the combine replay of the DB coverage. While there were many workout warriors, the comments about Florida's Reggie Nelson bothered me. He is not LaRon Landry. Not many people are that good, but it seems like analysts started discounting Nelson because he was 6-foot-0, 198-pounds and ran in the 4.5's. All Reggie Nelson does is make plays. He is a centerfielder who gets great jumps on the ball and has good instincts. He has a knack for making interceptions. While he is aggressive, he is not the best form tackler. I hope he drops to the late first round because of the workout, because he is a real good player in the Ed Reed mold.

Wednesday, March 14th

Ten years ago, Mike Goff came out of Iowa becoming a third-round pick for the Cincinnati Bengals. Now, there is a kid who coming out of Iowa who reminds me a great deal of a young Mike Goff. At 6-foot-4, 307-pounds, Iowa OG Marshal Yanda is a hard working, high effort player who has struggled with injuries. When healthy, he is a good run blocker who can get to the 2nd level. Like Mike Goff, he does a very good job of backside blocking and has enough athleticism to pull. He isn't a road grader and can lose his balance while pass blocking, but he would be an interesting 3rd round pick if his health checks out. If it does not check out, he could fall like San Francisco's Eric Heitmann did coming out of Stanford.

Tuesday, March 13th

Michigan ILB David Harris has been underrated for years. I remember watching him play HS football and could not believe he was not more highly rated. Then, I kept on hearing about him lacking ideal speed in college, but he made play after play after play. At 6-foot-2, 242-pounds, Harris dispelled the concerns about his speed by running a low 4.5 at the NFL Combine. His superb instincts are only surpassed by his form tackling. He plays downhill, gets to the ball, and forces fumbles. He is also a plus pass coverage LB as well despite lacking good hands. He could also be better at shedding blockers, but he is improving in that area.

Monday, March 12th

For those who have watched WR Dwayne Bowe play at LSU, the fact that he dominated at the Senior Bowl was not a surprise. A 6-foot-2, 220-pound WR with mid 4.5 speed, Bowe is a big, physical WR who knows how to use his long arms and frame to box out the DB. He also plays faster than his posted time with good hands and has an ability to make the first guy miss. He is also a plus blocker. He needs some work on his route running, but you like the effort that he shows and the pure talent that is in place. If he falls to the Chargers first round pick, I believe that he should be a serious consideration for the pick.

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