Chargers Version of the Future

The beginning of the Marty era has arrived. Out are times of strife. It started last year when John Butler had perhaps the best draft in the history of the Chargers.

Not only did it net Ladanian Tomlinson a star running back that got snubbed for rookie of the year, but also the QB of the future, Drew Brees. With nowhere to go but up after losing 7 straight to end the season in 2001 they now have direction.

They were able to follow up the 2001 draft with another stellar draft and getting a physical corner in Quentin Jammer, who has just been signed and will need some time to get in game shape. Tony "tiny" Fonoti also was nabbed in the 2nd round and is starting at Guard as a rookie out of Nebraska. He is the key to short yardage situations that haunted the Bolts last year. Reche Caldwell finds himself as the #3 WR behind Conway and Dwight and will have plenty of time on the field to make plays. In the 4th round they took Ben Leber and many questioned why the Chargers would pick yet another LB. Leber quickly showed the team and fans exactly why as he is starting alongside Seau and Edwards.

The Chargers still have one of the most feared defenses in the league and were able to swindle the Cheifs out of Donnie Edwards, who is perhaps the most underrated LB in the league. Stealing him from an AFC West rival just made it all the sweeter.

This brings us to Marty ball. Marty has a stellar career highlighted by getting the most out of his teams. As long as players adhere to his philosophy, they will be successful. The leaders of this football team gladly accepted his guidance as they have seen his work and know to play within the system is to be successful.

Marty preaches the little things. Penalties irritate him, so his goal is to not have any committed against his team. Clock management and ball control are staples of a team coached by Marty. With Brees at the helm expect a heavy dosage of Tomlinson to control the game, rest the defense and pound the opposing defense by wearing them out with constant hitting. Brees will be gradually thrown into the offense with mostly a short passing game to use his skills and cut down on mistakes. Marty ball has arrived and the Chargers will capitalize on it.

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