Adam Caplan Talks Chargers Football

A national reporter for Sirius and a partner at, Adam Caplan has been a contributor to for many years and has been a great source for free agent signing news, as well as exclusive draft information. He recently took the time to chat with San Diego Chargers fans about Michael Turner, the new coaching staff and General Manager A.J. Smith's plans for draft day.

Boltguy: Hi Adam, thanks for coming. What do you think the chances are of Michael Turner being dealt before or during the draft?

Adam Caplan: There is a 75 percent chance it gets done. It's doubtful they get a straight first, more like swap picks and they get an additional pick. Keep in mind Marshall Faulk went for a 2nd and 5th and he was a proven back.

Jajang: Did you think the Bolts would be this quiet in free agency?

Adam Caplan: They didn't have a lot of needs.

Boltguy: Do you think the suspensions of Pacman Jones and Chris Henry will persuade the Chargers to avoid Brandon Meriweather in round one?

Adam Caplan: Merriweather only had the one issue which was the fight on the field. But teams now will have to do a better job of looking in to a player's background.

Jajang: What are your expectations for this team with Norv Turner at the helm? Was he the right choice?

Adam Caplan: They wanted to keep things status quo. That's why he was hired. Cottrell is my issue, he has to make the right calls on defense. The best job he did was with the Buffalo Bills in 3-4.

Yantha: What speedy wide receiver prospects you like on day two?

Adam Caplan: Craig Davis of LSU. In the third round, Aundrae Allison.

Boltguy: Do you think the Chargers philosophy, as in not getting involved heavily in Free agency, relying heavily on the draft, re-signing their own players, etc. is similar to the Eagles, Steelers, Colts, and Patriots?

Adam Caplan: Yes, that's why A.J. Smith is good and teams like the Washington Redskins will never win in the salary cap era.

Charger1joe: Are there any big names may become available after June 1st?

Adam Caplan: Not likely. Usually there are just a few. And under the new CBA, teams were able to cut two vets early to get cap credit.

Jajang: You mentioned Michael Turner before - who do you think is the trading partner?

Adam Caplan: The Tennessee Titans or Bills. I'm told this evening that Tennessee has Turner as their priority before the draft. If they don't get him, they'll look at Corey Dillon then Chris Brown. The problem is Dillon hasn't decided what he wants to do. He hasn't decided yet if he wants to play. He's pretty well off apparently and doesn't need the money.

Jajang: What direction would you take in the first round if you were drafting for the Chargers?

Adam Caplan: Robert Meachem, probably. Eric Parker would be an excellent No. 3 wide receiver if that happened.

MondayMorningQuarterback: San Diego has depth to spare and four first-day picks. Is there any chance of trading up for LaRon Landry or all the way up for Calvin Johnson?

Adam Caplan: That extra pick is a compensatory pick so it can't be traded. They have no shot for Landry unless they trade up.

Boltguy: Do you think Vincent Jackson has the capability to be a No. 1 receiver on this team?

Adam Caplan: Probably, but he needs to be more consistent. The talent is there and he can really run for a receiver of his size.

Jajang: Were the Chargers close to landing any big free agents? (Kevin Curtis, Deon Grant, etc.)

Adam Caplan: Not really, they didn't make a play for Curtis.

Jajang: Does this team have a legit chance at winning the Super Bowl now that the schedule has been released?

Adam Caplan: Schedule isn't the issue with them, defense is the issue. I'm just concerned with the new defensive coordinator.

Mondaymorningquarterback: What do you believe the Chargers will get for trading Michael Turner?

Adam Caplan: A second-round pick or a third, and a second-day pick.

Jajang: Are you not sold on the inside linebacker tandem currently - Cooper and Wilhelm?

Adam Caplan: It's a big gamble to start both of them. I expect them to bring a veteran in at some point to challenge.

Jajang: I have not heard anything on the Godfrey front - retirement? Or will he be looked at later by San Diego?

Adam Caplan: I think he wants to still play.

Jajang: Any interesting training camp battles that you are projecting right now based on the current structure of the team? Florence vs. Cromartie?

Adam Caplan: Lets see how the draft goes, but receiver could be interesting depending on what they do, as could cornerback.

Boltguy: Are there any middle-tier free agents still out there who may interest the Chargers after the draft?

Adam Caplan: Some veteran backups, like Wali Rainer to backup at ILB and Lance Schulters at safety. Guys like that.

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