It takes two, baby!

Judging by the mock drafts and message board comments that littered the pre-draft internet, few people expected the Chargers to select Craig Davis in round one. As for Davis, he expected San Diego to pick him all along. Now, he gets a chance to showcase his incredible speed, hands and athleticism opposite fellow rising star Vincent Jackson.

Davis only made one private visit before the draft, an April 11th trip to San Diego. There he learned just how desperate the Chargers were for receiving help. Also, his draft projection -- late first round or early second –- fell right in line with San Diego's selection at No. 30.

"I came in and met with Coach (Norv) Turner," Davis said. "I met with the other coaches. I went out to eat with Vincent Jackson at Donovan's. I had a great time there and had a great talk with him. He's really encouraging. The next day I finished meeting with the coaches and then got back to New Orleans."

The fact that Davis and Jackson get along so well is encouraging; San Diego is banking its passing-game proficiency on their simultaneous development.

As a result of his breakout season, Jackson will align outside as the No. 1 receiver. As for Davis, he'll do a little bit of everything else.

"Craig is a 205-lb. guy and that's why I say I see him as a guy that can go play outside, be a physical player outside, but has enough finesse to go in and be the third-down receiver, go and play in the slot," Coach Turner said.

There has been some question as to whether Davis can develop into a top receiver. After all, there is the perception that he played second fiddle to Dwayne Bowe during their time at LSU. However, Chargers scouts didn't see it that way.

"He wasn't a second receiver in college. We didn't see it that way," Assistant General Manager Buddy Nix said. "We think he has the ability to be a No. 1 receiver. Even if he's a number two receiver, it's not a big deal. You have to have them both."

Now, with the tandem of Davis and Jackson, the Chargers finally do.

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