Undrafted but not unwanted

Following the draft, the San Diego Chargers signed 22 undrafted free agents and added a free agent fullback who spent time on the New Orleans Saints' practice squad last season. Given the Chargers' impressive depth, do any of these players actually have a chance to make the team? The following is a look at the five players with the best chance to beat the odds.

Mike Warren, FB, Elon - A powerful blocker and an effective north-and-south runner, Warren could be the heir apparent to Lorenzo Neal. It helps that he has an in with the team, as he played with Philip Rivers for two years at N.C. State before transferring to Elon.

His odds of making the roster will be greatly improved if Andrew Pinnock makes a full-time switch to halfback.

Anthony Arline, CB, Baylor - Blessed with excellent size (6-foot-2, 200 lbs.) and speed, Arline has the athleticism and ball skills to develop into a playmaker in the secondary.

In order to win a roster spot, Arline will have to leapfrog Steve Gregory and Cletis Gordon on the depth chart. That may not be an easy task, but it's not exactly climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, either.

Louis Leonard, NT, Fresno State - Speaking of mountains, Leonard is one mountain of a man. At 6-foot-4 and 328 lbs., he has the size, power and disposition to anchor at the point of attack.

The Chargers don't have anyone on the roster capable of stepping in for Jamal Williams should the two-time Pro Bowler get injured. With a little grooming, Leonard could be that player.

Andre Coleman, DE, Albany - Coleman is a player with great measurables and upside, having been overlooked primarily because of his small school venue. At 290 lbs. and having run the 40-yard dash in the 5.0-second range, his athleticism is remarkable.

His top competition for a roster spot will be Ryon Bingham. Although Bingham does have the experience advantage, the three-year veteran may be too small to stick at nose tackle and too slow to be effective at end. That could open the door for Coleman.

Jyles Tucker, OLB, Wake Forest - A defensive end in college, Tucker projects as an outside linebacker in the Chargers' 3-4 scheme. He is a fluid athlete with terrific speed coming off the edge and impressive closing burst.

Tucker has better size than Marques Harris and is a bigger pass-rushing threat than Carlos Polk. If he has a good showing on special teams, he could make a real run at a roster spot.

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