Floyd's goals: ‘Super Bowl and Pro Bowl'

The key for Malcom Floyd has always been health. After battling nagging injuries during his first two years in the league, he stayed healthy enough to make the active roster and play in a career-high 12 games in 2006, catching 15 passes for 210 yards and three scores in the process. Now, instead of merely challenging for a roster spot, he hopes to challenge for a spot in the Pro Bowl.

Malcom Floyd has come a long way his rookie year, when he was a raw, underdeveloped player from the University of Wyoming. That progress was made evident during last season's amazing 49-41 comeback win over the Cincinnati Bengals, when Floyd caught five passes for 109 yards and a touchdown.

"That was the craziest comeback I've ever been a part of," Floyd said. "We were down 21-0 but we just kept fighting. We have too many competitors on this team to ever quit on a game."

Because of that competitive spirit, Floyd is one of many Chargers with Sept. 16 circled on his calendar, the day that San Diego gets its rematch with the New England Patriots.

"I think everybody remembers the way they disrespected us at the end of that game," Floyd said. "I'm still mad about it and I hope to use that when I get on the field."

Of course, Floyd wasn't on the field for the playoff loss against the Patriots, having been placed on injured-reserve with an ankle injury. He hopes that with another year of learning under receivers coach James Lofton that he will be ready to be a difference-maker in the rivalry's second round.

"I would have really been hurt if Coach Lofton left (amidst the coaching turnover)," Floyd said. "He has taught all of us receivers so much. I mean, he's a Hall of Fame receiver. Why wouldn't you take advice from him?"

Lofton's coaching is but one reason for Floyd's development. Another is the strong veteran leadership he has been exposed to courtesy of Eric Parker and former Charger Keenan McCardell.

"Eric and Keenan taught me so much about how to prepare for the game. They do such a good job of taking care of their bodies, using the hot tubs and cold tubs and things like that," Floyd said.

Now, Floyd hopes to put it all together – the experience, the coaching, the body preservation – and turn in his best season as a pro.

"I have big goals: Super Bowl and Pro Bowl," Floyd said. "I definitely have Pro Bowl talent. The key is to stay healthy."

If he can do that, he might just lift an already healthy Chargers offense and make it downright sick.

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