Naanee ‘honored' to be chosen by the Chargers

The San Diego Chargers have always valued versatile players. That was only reaffirmed on draft day when the team selected Legedu Naanee in the fifth round. Just one month removed from the draft, the Chargers already have Naanee working at wide receiver and tight end, as well as playing several roles on special teams. Naanee is happy to play wherever so long as it gets him on the field.

Legedu Naanee (6-foot-2, 226 lbs.) first arrived at Boise State as a quarterback. After realizing he was not going to leapfrog Jared Zabransky on the depth chart, he suggested a position change. He then moved to tight end before finally settling in as a wide receiver. It is as a receiver that he expects to make his mark in San Diego.

"My impact will be primarily as a receiver, but I think they want me to play in a lot of different spots just to create some good match-ups. When I play tight end they are using me mostly as a pass catcher," Naanee said.

He has not been used at fullback, as was reported by other outlets.

While some players would be overwhelmed by so many responsibilities, Naanee is grateful for the full workload. After all, most fifth-round picks face an uphill battle in their quests to stick on an active roster. Naanee, meanwhile, is having special packages designed to incorporate his skills into last season's highest scoring offense.

"I feel honored and it helps take some of the stress off, knowing the team has plans for me," Naanee said. "When you have a great offensive coach like Norv Turner who wants to bring you in and thinks he can use you, that means a lot."

It also helps that Naanee can lean on his teammates as he makes the transition to the pro level. He has veterans who can teach him the intricacies of the game and a fellow rookie receiver with whom he can relate.

"Antonio Gates and all of the receivers have really shown me a lot," Naanee said. "It also helps having Craig Davis around. He's learning just like I am, but sometimes he sees things from a different angle than me, so we can help each other out."

As much as he appreciates the help from his teammates, Naanee is going to spend his spare time between now and the regular season doing everything he can to help himself.

"It's important for me to stay in the weight room so I can keep building muscle and keep improving my conditioning," he said. "I haven't had a hard time with the speed of the game yet, but so far it has been just practice. When the games start, that's when the speed really picks up."

When the speed of the game is cranked up a notch, the Chargers will expect Naanee to follow suit.

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