NFL Roundup: Adam Caplan Chat Transcripts

NFL expert Adam Caplan has been making his rounds across the network, dropping nuggets of knowledge at every stop. A national reporter for Sirius and a partner at, Caplan has been a great source for free agent signing news, as well as exclusive draft information. The following is a recap of his thoughts on the football world at large.

Where is the Michael Vick story headed?

Caplan: Not good, I think the Falcons are concerned he will be suspended this season for some time.

Is Tony Romo a great quarterback or the greatest quarterback?

Caplan: He hasn't proven anything yet. He's too much of a street ball quarterback. He doesn't like to stay inside the system.

How will Randy Moss do with the New England Patriots?

Caplan: I think he will buy in to what they do there, but he doesn't run as well as he used to.

Will Russ Grimm improve the Arizona Cardinals' offensive line?

Caplan: Grimm is a good offensive line coach but the Cardinals lack enough talent to be solid.

Which bottom feeding team will break through this year? Cleveland Browns? Houston Texans? Detroit Lions?

Caplan: All will be better but the San Francisco 49ers are the team that I see making playoffs.

It seems like a very active offseason for new commissioner Roger Goodell with the Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson issues, the concussion-issue meetings, and the recent highlight on apparent violations in team offseason coaching sessions for contact. Do you think all of this is a coincidence, or are these the type of events that should be expected when a new sheriff comes to town?

Caplan: Goodell is more responsive to the needs of players than Paul Tagliabue. Goodell is willing to listen. We talked to him at the pro football writers meeting at the Super Bowl. He is a great guy and wants things done the right way.

Are the Kansas City Chiefs going to be okay with a second-year quarterback with little experience?

Caplan: Croyle is in year two and he's probably not ready, but they know Damon Huard can't do it for more than a few games.

What other young QBs could step up? Jason Campbell looks like the real package.

Caplan: Jay Cutler, Philip Rivers and J.P. Losman, who played very well last eight games, throwing 13 touchdowns. But the Buffalo Bills needs major help opposite Lee Evans.

Do you see any coaches backing down from allowing the full contact that happens at these "non contact" workouts?

Caplan: Nothing will change. There's a lot of clutching and grabbing, but you can't have an offensive line drill against the defense and not grab; you can't have line dancing.

Will Brady Quinn will be in camp on time?

Caplan: I doubt it based on Tom Condon's history. Then again, Quinn was selected at No. 22. There is no way around it.

Is there any new information on LeCharles Bentley? Is there a problem between he and the front office?

Caplan: We had the scoop there, the doctor told Bentley to hold off on surgery for a few weeks. Phil Savage hadn't talked to him then, that was the miscommunication.

Is there a marked contrast between how Rod Chudzinski runs things versus Maurice Carthon? If so, can you elaborate on any?

Caplan: Chudzinski is more open to what the players want and will do a better job of communication.

Will the Browns go after Bill Cowher for next year no matter what happens this year?

Caplan: They will go after Bill Cowher or Kirk Ferenz once Romeo Crennel is canned.

Does Jamal Lewis really have some gas left in the tank?

Caplan: You can't really tell with running backs until they're in pads, but the good sign is that he's dropped some weight so hopefully he can move better with contact. He tends to stop and start more when he's heavier. He played close to 250 pounds last year.

What's the skinny on these supplemental draft prospects: Jared Gaither, Paul Oliver and Chris Patrick?

Caplan: Because teams have to pay supplemental picks on this year's rookie cap, that will hurt all of them, especially Oliver, who could have been a first-round pick next year. Oliver will now go in round three or four; Patrick will go I round six or seven.

Do you think Pacman Jones gets out of this Las Vegas case? Or has his luck with the law run out this time? Between that and the Atlanta strip club shooting -- where he's supposedly just a witness to his entourage firing weapons -- is he likely to be banished from the NFL for another year?

Caplan: Jones likely won't play again for the Tennessee Titans; we'll see how it plays out legally.

What will end up happening with Alan Faneca?

Caplan: Faneca will play it out and then sign somewhere else next year. Pete Kendall will be cut by the New York Jets before camp and will find a job within 24 hours.

Trevor Pryce gained about 20 pounds of gut weight in the offseason. Do you bank on an older guy like him getting back in shape just in time for the season?

Caplan: My only problem is that the extra weight could put stress on his back; he's had a ton of back problems in the past.

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