Exclusive Interview! Ryon Bingham

Ryon Bingham became an integral cog in the defensive line rotation last season, and hopes to use that experience to raise his game to another level. He took a break from preparing for his fourth season in the league to talk to SDBoltReport.com about his development, life behind Jamal Williams, and the Chargers' quest for a Super Bowl championship.

How much did you develop after getting so much playing time last season?

Bingham: The extra playing time definitely helped a lot. I learned a lot just playing year-round for the first time. Now, I'm able to take my experiences on the field and build on them. It is nice to be able to build on something; it gives me some confidence.

It helps a lot that I'm healthy. When I first came back from my injury (he tore the biceps in his left arm in 2004, costing him his rookie season), it still hurt a lot. Last season, I was fully healthy and that gave me a lot of confidence.

Because of your different styles, how much can you take from Jamal Williams?

Bingham: I've learned a ton from Jamal. We're two different body types and two different people. I'm just a different kind of nose tackle than Jamal. There aren't many players like him in the entire league. He's one of the most dominant players, but I have my own ways of doing things and I can get the job done.

No one does it like Jamal. He's a beast, a manimal. But I have my own style and I've been pretty successful with it.

Which rookie defensive linemen have stood out thus far?

Bingham: Andre Coleman has been impressive so far. He reminds me of DQ (DeQuincy Scott). Another good looking player is Keith Grennan. He is strong, quick, and has a lot of potential. That is not to say anything bad about the other players, because some of the guys I haven't seen all that much.

It's funny, because some of the vets will place bets during the offseason on which rookies will do the best in the preseason. My money is on those two.

What has changed this offseason to put your team over the top?

Bingham: We had a good team last season. We should have won that game against the New England Patriots. We made some serious mistakes and it cost us, but that happens if you make mistakes in any game. We realize what some of our mistakes were and we'll be better because of it.

The thing about the NFL is that nothing stays the same for long. Just because things go well one year, doesn't mean your luck won't change in a hurry. We know we have the potential to do great things. We still have to go out and put everything together.

A lot of experts think we are going to do great and are ready to pat us on the back, but we still have to go out and do it. It's all great to talk about it, but we still have to make it happen.

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